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Innovation Leader for Maths/ Lead Practitioner required .Apply


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Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich is looking for a Deputy Director of BDICT - Maternity Cover. Apply now


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Innovation Leader for Maths/ Lead Practitioner required .Apply


Thanks to for a great game of cup football on Tues. Our Year 7s lost 15-14 on penalties - a cruel way to be dumped out of the cup but a great game for the neutral! Full report at


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DT Technician required .Apply now


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DT Technician required .Apply now


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Students learn to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in the use of IT. The curriculum teaches the application of the principles, practices and technologies involved in the collection, storage, manipulation, transmission and presentation of information in its various forms. Students will also learn how computers and computer systems work and how they are designed and programmed. IT is a practical subject, where invention and resourcefulness are encouraged, where students are expected to apply the academic principles they have learnt to the understanding of real-world systems.

For further information please contact the Director of BDICT Miss Akhtar on

Curriculum summary

In Key Stage 3, students will become familiar with computational thinking with a continuous focus on ensuring students understand principles and implications for IT safety. Students will also then begin to develop their existing knowledge on the use of application software which plays a vital role within the current society we live in.

In Year 9, students will begin their qualification in digital technologies. Students will study the concepts and features of application software programmes and networks. Students will explore the features available across different types of software and tools. Students will understand concepts of text formatting and file manipulation to develop creative technical skills in digital technology. Students will also understand how data can be gathered and used to make decisions, to analyse and present structured data which has been gathered from primary and secondary resources. This qualification has four units:

  • Principles of digital technology
  • Digital technology communications
  • Creative use of digital technology
  • Collection and use of data

There are both coursework and exam elements to this course.

During the years of examination, Year 11 students will take the TLM ITQ Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills. These students will study six units, five of which are assessed through a set of assignments and one external assessment (exam). All students study the two core units: Unit 1 - Improving productivity using IT and Unit 2 - Online security.

Students will learn how to use common IT tools efficiently, safely and effectively. They will demonstrate competence in real practical tasks involving the use of text, graphics and numbers with an emphasis on generic principles that can transfer between contexts. Increasingly higher level study depends on digital skills whether it is to publish work, search for information or re-use other people's work. There is no other subject that would not benefit from the learning that this qualification provides and the generic knowledge and understanding needed for it is essential for further study in any digital technologies subject. The qualification is based on the national occupational standards and as such provides skills and knowledge that are essential in the workplace.

Revision resources and helpful links

As we head into a more challenging and demanding curriculum, assessment and examination system it is important that students in all year groups in the Academy understand how to prepare efficiently and successfully for exams. All students sit termly assessments, which they must prepare for using a variety of revision resources available.

We believe in teaching our students how to prepare for exams, as they are an important life skill. GCSE progress sessions for Year 11 students begin in September and runs until the summer examinations.

Useful reading

How Networks Work by Derfler, Jr.F.J & Freed, L. Published by QUE, 2002. ISBN-13 9780789727534.

Revision links


Key Stage 3 homework is set to help students with their wider thinking around the IT world. These are graded together with an in class project. Students at Key Stage 3 will be expected to complete three homework tasks per half term.

All Key Stage 4 students will be given a comprehensive revision booklet filled with exam style questions. The revision tasks will be completed on a weekly basis and will relate to theoretical lessons taking place that week as well as to develop student’s ability in discussing the social, moral, ethical and legal implications surrounding the use of IT.


Some general job titles within IT and Computing are: applications programmer, information systems manager, database administrator, information technology consultant, multimedia programmer, software engineer, systems analyst and systems designer.

Top ten IT skills:

  • Programming and application development
  • Helpdesk and technical support
  • Networking
  • Mobile applications and device management
  • Project management
  • Database administration
  • Security
  • Business intelligence/analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Interpersonal