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Exam Results and Performance 2016

HBAED results day 2016 (7)Our 2016 exam results, announced in August 2016, are our best ever.

69% of boys at the academy achieved A*-C grades in both English and Maths. More than a third of boys (35%) achieved the demanding EBacc, up from 29% last summer.

Progress 8

This year, the government has introduced a new performance measure called Progress 8 which indicates the progress made by students in secondary school across eight key subjects.

Our Progress 8 score is 0.49. This is higher than the national average which is always set at 0. It means Harris Boys’ students achieve, on average, over half a grade higher per entry than students with the same ability nationally.

Only six other boys comprehensives across England and Wales achieved a higher Progress 8 score.

Attainment 8

In addition to Progress 8, the government has introduced an Attainment 8 performance measure. This is a score based upon the grades pupils have attained on average across their subjects.

In particular, Attainment 8 includes Maths, the highest grade out of English Language or English Literature, the highest three of the Ebacc grades and the three remaining highest grades across all of our courses. In 2016, our Attainment 8 score was 5.55. This translates into an average grade of a ‘B’ for our pupils across those eight subjects. This shows a three year upward trend in attainment across courses. This is a fantastic achievement and indicates the pupils are attaining significantly above the national average. 

You can see our GCSE Reforms page section to find out more about Progress and Attainment 8. 

The academy’s top achievers include:

  • Hendy who achieved 9A*, 3 A and 2 B grade
  • Matthew who achieved 6 A*, 3 A and 2 B grades
  • Theodore who achieved 6 A*, 5 A and 2 B grades

“Our students and parents are rightly celebrating this year’s results, which are higher than they have ever been before. We are fortunate to have an amazing team of teachers and support staff and I am very pleased that everybody’s hard work has paid off," said Principal Chris Everitt.

Government performance websites

View our Department for Education performance information.

View how we compare with other schools in Southwark, where we achieved the fourth highest Progress 8 score in the borough.

You can find out more about how we help all students achieve, including our most able students, on our Equalities and additional intervention page.

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