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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Progress Sessions for Years 10 and 11

We have introduced ‘progress sessions’ for years 10 and 11 to help students to maximise their Progress 8 score. See our GCSE reforms page for more details of the reforms, including Progress 8 and what it means.

Year 10 progress sessions

Year 10 students get an additional two hours per week in subjects where they have been identified as making the least progress. These Progress Sessions are led by a subject specialist. Directors meet with Mr Connolly, the year 10 Progress Leader, to choose students for bespoke additional support based on the latest attainment data.

In addition, we use Monday mornings for careers, Building Cultural Capital and an assembly programme. The assemblies are delivered by members of the Senior Leadership Team, Directors or external agencies and focus on themes such as: changes to exam specifications; Post 16 applications; Progress and Attainment 8; and extra-curricular enrichment.

From term 1b onwards we will start to introduce after-school ‘Progress Sessions’ for Year 10 students which will again be driven towards supporting students to fulfil their potential.

BTEC Sport: Mr Hutton, Mr Metcalfe and Mr Belcher

Year 10 progress 1

Students in the B band are divided into one of three BTEC Sport Progress Sessions as all students in these groups will sit their BTEC Sport Unit One examination at the end of the first term. This exam unit is worth 25% of their overall end of Year 11 grade and we are optimistic that the additional time will help maximise their attainment.

In term 1a the groups revisit the subject knowledge required for Unit One which is covered in the BTEC Sport curriculum. The teachers will deliver theory or practical sessions to help students apply their knowledge and understanding.

Year 10 progress 2

In term 1b the focus changes from subject-specific knowledge to exam preparation and exam technique. The PE staff model the ‘PEEL’ answering technique (Point, Example, Explain, Link - see picture) to help students plan their longer answers and we are confident this will stretch and challenge students to access the higher grades.

In term 2, B and O band students will switch over as O band prepare for their Unit One exam which will be sat at the end of term 2b.

Art: Ms Davis, Strand Leader for Art

We are using our form time progress sessions to focus on a combination of drawing and recording skills and some new techniques which link to GCSE Assessment Objectives 2 and 3. These studies support the coursework and students can include this work in their sketchbooks.

Year 10 progress 3

EBACC (History/Geography/Spanish)

The Year 10 EBACC Master Classes follow the pastoral support system driven by individual student's subject specific needs. Each programme is aimed at providing extra support to the students in order to enhance and embed core skills, knowledge and understanding of the syllabus.

Geography: Mr Maserejje, Deputy Director of Humanities/Subject Leader for Geography. Our mornings involve improving literacy for geography learning, revision skills, practising of exam techniques, exploring relevant subject resources and completion of learning tasks to stretch understanding and a review of subject content. Students are expected to take advantage of this programme so as to ultimately make the expected progress and raise their attainment in the subject.

History: Mr Walsh, Deputy Director of Humanities/Subject Leader for History. Every morning the pupils have an engaging 40 minutes in which we revise and develop the knowledge and skills required for the GCSE paper. Over term 1a and 1b the pupils will be revising the Cold War unit of the Edexcel exam board. After the Christmas break, the pupils will spend their morning consolidating their knowledge of Elizabethan England.

Spanish: Ms Martel-Rouquet, Strand Leader for Modern Foreign Languages. This term we have been focussing on grammar skills with a specific emphasis on the tenses and how to conjugate. In addition we are also practicing our Spanish dialogue using interactive videos to promote spontaneity in speaking. The smaller group size enables students to engage with discussion in a more confident and meaningful way.

Year 11 progress sessions

Form time in the morning focuses primarily on the core subjects of English, maths, science, PE and computing. Students undertake an extra 40 minutes a day in form groups where teachers focus on a particular skill needed to help students achieve in their exams. 

Year 11 progress (4)

The progress groups are bespoke for each student. We use the latest progress data for each student to carefully select the right group for them. Groups are small and students are supported by a teacher to help focus their work.
Afternoon progress sessions have a different focus. While the morning sessions focus on the core subjects, the afternoon sessions look at options as well. Each student will receive a one hour carefully planned session from their subject teacher, with a focus on coursework. If students achieve the goals of the session, they can be released early, so the groups remain small and focussed. 

Year 11 progress (3)

EBacc night

On Wednesday nights, we have introduced the EBacc night. With colleges and universities focusing on EBacc subjects, this is a busy night in the academy. Students can often be found in Modern Foreign Languages, for example, completing coursework. Some of the sessions are so individual that students will be working one-to-one with our staff members. 
There is also time for the Triple Science students to work in small groups with the science department, so they can focus on higher level studies. The geography department will also deploy their teachers to ensure they have small and focussed coursework groups to ensure students achieve the highest possible grades.


Core subjects night

Friday night is our core subjects night. This is a chance for our maths and English departments to take the pick of the school students. Teachers can request small groups on these days and deliver personal and individually-planned sessions. The PE department also take over two ICT rooms within the academy, offering three members of staff in each room to support students with their coursework.

Below is the timetable for after school progress sessions. If you have any queries or concerns, please email Mr May at c.may@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk

Year 11 progress (6)