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We're looking forward to it and spreading the word to our students!


Retweetd From Chris Bradford

Join me, Chris Bradford, author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series for a virtual author visit like no other on Friday 10th April 2020 at 10am GMT!


Am making enquiries, Ian. Will be in touch asap when there's definitive news.


Each day we're suggesting a new 'Read of the Day' at Let us know if you have any suggestions of books or authors to feature.


Read of the Day. Boy 87, a novel by Ele Fountain, makes us think what staying at home means when you don't have a fixed home or are having to leave the one you have known all your life and start again.


Mr Miller of our PE Department has a press up challenge for you. Have a look and have a go!


Win a FREE book delivered to your door. This week's competition: "Write a diary entry for one day this week and tell us what you are up to." Remember, great diaries are a record of what you did, felt and thought. Find out how to enter at Good luck!


Retweetd From Harris Peckham

Really useful advice for our students. Please take a read.


HBAED today donated 155 pairs of safety googles (normally used by our Science and DT department) to the NHS to help prevent their staff contracting COVID-19. Lewisham NHS put out a call to local schools who might have spare googles, and we are proud to help


Download and complete our new and updated 'At Home Activity Passport', designed for any student in Years 7-11. 20 activities to complete, to win Harris Points! Download yours at


Retweetd From Southwark Libraries

No need for children to run out of books while stuck at home. Join Southwark Libraries for free eBooks and audiobooks. Take a look at some kids' titles here 👉 Our temporary online membership now lasts 3 months. Join us today 👉


Win a FREE book of your choice delivered to your door with the first of our school's weekly reading competitions. Which book would you recommend as the best to read when you are staying in, and why? Find out how to enter at


Retweetd From HarrisDulwichGirls

Please heed this advice. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.


Retweetd From Jasmine Ali

Please see and circulate this timely advice that we at have issued ー19


Retweetd From The Body Coach

😀 PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on my YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV 📺 Please please share this with as many people as you can ❤️ Our kids need this more than ever. Share it on your stories, your wall, your Twitter, whatsapp and school newsletters ❤️


If you are a key worker and intend to send your son to school from Monday please could you read this and let us know. Thank you very much


We have now created a 'remote working' support area on our website, explaining arrangements for students who are studying at home


Wednesday 18th March: Year 9 and Year 10 students must remain at home from 18/3/20 and for the rest of the week. All other year groups in the Academy as normal. Thank you. For latest updates see


Dear Parents/Carers. Please note that until further notice all after school clubs and Interventions have been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Parents/Carers - Please note that any new information from the school about coronavirus, including details of possible school closures, can be found at This will always have the very latest information. Thank you.

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Reading at Home - Weekly Competition

Win a FREE book of your choice delivered to your door with our weekly competition.

This week's competition: write a diary entry for one day this week and tell us what you are up to.

Dear diaryFrom Anne Frank to Adrian Mole and Greg Heffley there are lots of famous published diaries to read. And remember, great diaries aren’t just a list of the things you did, they are also a record of how you felt and what you thought.

They can also help you stand back from things when you are experiencing something new or difficult. These next few weeks might be the perfect time to start a diary. And don't worry, Ms Mead will only share excerpts from the winning entry if you are happy for her to do so!

Email your entries to Ms Mead by the end of Friday 3 April. The winner will be announced at lunchtime on Monday 6 April and receive a free book of their choice delivered to their door. Good luck!

Last week's winner

Congratulations to Jackson in Year 7 who is the winner of our Week One competition to find the best books to read when you are staying in. Empathising with others and learning about lives very different from your own was a popular theme, as well as action and humour to keep you entertained. Jackson's recommendation is Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh.

Nowhere boyJackson writes: "Nowhere Boy is an excellently written piece of literature. It really gets the reader to feel for Ahmed and Max, who are the two main characters. The author, Katherine Marsh, also makes us realise how unfortunate people are, because of war. It gives us an appreciation for what we have, when we see that these people have so little.

"As a reader, I was getting very emotional at Ahmed’s plight. When I think back at everything, this isn’t just a book! This is a life story, of what goes on everyday, and how people from war-torn countries deal with these horrific things. Katherine has illustrated really well in her writing, how desperate people can be. There are many innocent people in camps, barely living and just hanging on to a tiny piece of string, slowly unravelling and eventually, if they are not saved, they will fall like many others.

"I do not understand how some countries could say that these poor people are not allowed in their country, after all that they have been through. If only more people rallied against this, then maybe those global leaders might change their minds and let more refugees into their country."


Congratulations to our three runners-up too!

Rayane, Year 7, recommends The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney: "Because it is fun to read and it also has a movie that you can watch after you read the book. It also shows how kids can get peer pressured nowadays, boys always want to fit in and show off."

Adam, Year 7, recommends Wonder by RJ Palacio: "because it shows everybody is the same in different ways. This book tells me, don't judge someone by their appearance."

Samuel, Year 8, recommends the Harry Potter series: "These books are filled with imaginative scenes and they are action-filled."

Reads of the Day

Every school day we're posting a new link to an author or book that we know our boys love. Do email Ms Mead if you have a suggestion of a book or author to feature.

Jeff Kinney

Rayane's excellent suggestion of diving into Diary of the Wimpy Kid stories to entertain yourself and think about how we interact with each other, helped me dig up this fascinating interview with Jeff Kinney and a whole load of suggestions on what to read next. Don't forget your own diary entry for this week's competition!

Ele Fountain - author of Boy 87

Jackson's winning review (see above) makes us all think about what staying at home means when you don't have a fixed home or are having to leave the one you have known all your life and start again. In today's Read of the Day, Ele Fountain, author of Boy 87 (one of our DEAR Time book sets and winner of the Southwark Book Award 2019) describes the experience that led to her book. There is also a link to other stories about refugees for you to try. Find out more.

Jason Reynolds

The new series from Jason Reynolds, author of Long Way Down, has interested a lot of you in the library. Here's what he has to say about his Ghost series. Find out more.

See previous 'Reads of the Day' in our Reads of the Day archive.

Southwark Library online

Southwark Libraries have a great e-library, accessed through BorrowBox, where you can download books and audiobooks for free. If you do not have a Southwark Library membership, you can join now for 90 days without a signed application form. Join Southwark Library Once you have your membership number, log in to BorrowBox. If you are a member of other London borough libraries you can access them using the Libby app through

Other sources of books

Project Gutenberg is completely free and good for classic fiction, books in other languages and older non-fiction.

If you have Amazon Prime you get access to Prime Reading which has over a thousand books (fiction, non-fiction, children's books), comics and magazines free to download.

Currently the free 30 day trial for Kindle Unlimited on Amazon is easy to double up to 60 days through PC magazine and other sites. You just need to remember to cancel before the end of the trial to avoid payment starting. 

Likewise there is a free 30 day trial for Audible's audiobooks.

Happy reading!