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Thank you and for welcoming our Year 10 as part of our latest to build capital, and aspiration. Find out more at


Year 8 enjoy at trip to as part of our latest to build capital, and aspiration. Find out more at


"Protecting our planet starts with you". Che, Year 7, has produced this exemplary piece of about what we can all do to protect our , from more to shopping wisely, to conserving water. Great work, Che!


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FREE workshops in April at University London for 13-18 year olds. and more. Find out more


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As part of our Pi Day celebrations we invited students to see how good they were at memorising Pi. And William is VERY good indeed, remembering Pi to 153 digits, which makes him our school Pi Champion!


And the winning hub at our Year 7 health and fitness sessions for was.... Enterprise! !


Thank you to our Year 7 students and teachers for making today's and sessions so amazing. "One of the best days ever." Cosmo. "It was really fun competing against my friends." Ibrahim


“Even the people who don’t usually play sports are getting involved. It’s great fun.” Marlo, Year 7, who have a day of health and fitness activities today for this term’s


Sixth formers are taking part in a challenging Dragon’s Den-style event today, pitching their ideas for a fitness product or service to our own team of dragons.


Year 7 are enjoying learning about and today as part of this term’s .


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A new online service is available to 11-19-year olds across and south east London, offering free, anonymous and emotional well-being support. Visit for details.


Jacob, Akinwale, Justin, Jathurasan, Mohamed, Daniel, Noah, Sherif, Mohammed and Myles got a free breakfast, gift voucher and certificate this week after being nominated by tutors for 'doing the right thing all the time'. Well done boys!


Jordan from our Sixth Form has written a great article about his recent visit to Uni, organised by and . Read Jordan's article at


Sahil, Year 9, has written an article about his recent trip to FC, where he learned about how the club operates. This linked to the students' project to create a user interface for a stadium. Read Sahil's article at Great visit!


Our boys have borrowed books from our school nearly 10,000 times this year so far! We should reach that target before Easter. Find out how we're celebrating this year at


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Exam Invigilator required . Apply now


Are you interested in becoming an teacher? Come along to our event this afternoon from 4.30-6.30 to speak to meet our team and to speak to our trainees to find out about training with . We look forward to meeting you this afternoon!


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Great Taster Day with Year 12 students from and . Thank you for a fantastic tour!


Big thanks, we appreciate everything you do for the community

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Posted on March 15th 2019

Renaissance Day, Friday 15 March - Report and Pictures

One day each term we put aside the normal timetable and organise a special day of activities to build students ‘cultural capital’, wellbeing and develop aspiration. We call it Renaissance Day and it complements the usual curriculum with a host of engaging activities. Here's what happened on our latest Renaissance Day, Friday 15 March.

Year 7 - Health and Fitness

Year 7 took part in a Health and Fitness day of sporting activities at Kings College Sports Ground to promote the importance of activity and a healthy lifestyle. “Even the people who don’t usually play sports are getting involved, it’s great fun,” said Marlo.

Photo 15 03 2019, 14 14 45

"One of the best days ever," said Cosmo. "It was really fun competing against my friends," said Ibrahim.

Photo 15 03 2019, 14 14 43

Thank you to our Year 7 students and teachers for making the sessions so amazing. And the winning hub was.... Enterprise (pictured below). Congratulations to everyone for a great day.

Photo 15 03 2019, 15 28 31

Year 8 – Imperial War Museum and Kew Gardens

Year 8 enjoyed cultural experiences by visiting either the Imperial War Museum or Kew Gardens. 

Kew 1

Kew 2

Kew 3

Year 9  -  Relationship and Sex Education

As part of their relationships and sex education, Year 9 had workshops on topics including gender equality, STIs, domestic violence and sexting, the anatomy of sex and contraception.

Some of the sessions drew on the student’s prior knowledge from their science lessons, focusing on the anatomy of the reproductive system and contraception. Other sessions involved class debates and discussions centred around relationships. All students fully engaged with the day and behaved impeccably throughout. 

  • "It was a really enjoyable day. I learnt so much new information and now I feel better informed about these topics.” Dawda
  • "We were able to have mature discussions and ask questions in an environment that we all felt comfortable in. It was a really interesting day and every session was useful." Jordy

Year 10 – Aspirations

Year 10 went to either Kingston or Goldsmith universities to help them prepare for leaving secondary school and raise their aspirations.

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At Goldsmiths University (above) and Kingston University (below).


File 12

Others had special careers sessions at school to help them learn about different jobs (from YouTuber to automotive engineer, graphic design to architect) and the qualifications you need for each. Boys also had sessions on writing job applications and CVs. "It's a good way to find out what you want to do," said Michael. Pictured below: Marcus, Luke and Wilfred research different careers and the skills and qualifications needed.

Photo 15 03 2019, 09 35 53

We also ran sessions on topics such as personal safety, internet safety and 'county lines' working with experts including police officers Nsikan Etuk and Dan Short (pictured below).


Year 11 -  Academic Excellence

Special English and Maths sessions were run for all Year 11 boys to help them gain the competitive edge in the classroom and prepare for their exams this summer.

Post-16 – Dragons’ Den

Our sixth formers developed their enterprise skills through a Dragon's Den-style event in which they had to devise a product or service to promote a healthy lifestyle. The boys had to create a product with a 'unique selling point', explain their target market and create an advert, before pitching their idea to our own panel of 'dragons', including Principal Peter Groves.

"It's a good way to develop our skills for co-operation, confidence and communication," said sixth former Guilherme. Cameron's team developed a vitamin juice drink to appeal to children, while another team created a 'virtual personal trainer' to deliver training plans online, and also do home deliveries of healthy food to complement the training regime.

Sixth formers Guilherme, Deiomte, Ediz and Ibrahim work as a team for our Dragon's Den-style enterprise session. Year 10 also took part in the Dragon's Den-style event.

Photo 15 03 2019, 09 46 49

Coming up with ideas for a new product or service to support a healthy lifestyle.

Photo 15 03 2019, 09 47 01

Photo 15 03 2019, 09 54 08

IMG 2717

IMG 2723