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Everyone looks forward to the summer holidays, but after a couple of weeks most of us start to get bored. So, we’ve set you some challenges to keep your brain ticking over, and win loads of Harris Points! 🏆Have a go at them here➡️


A truly big THANK YOU to all our students, parents and staff for your support over the past few months. Have a great summer and see you all again in Sept!🙂. Signing off with our special showcase video!


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This is a really cool tree👍🙂, it is great to see the students valuing the positives experienced in this tough time and appreciate such things .


Messages from our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. "I am thankful for my friends and family who cheer me up when things go wrong." "I am thankful that everyone has been kind and supported me while learning at home."


Messages from our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. "I can spend more time with my dad. It's very fun. We have intelligent debates." "For having the confidence to talk about my feelings." "For my family since we are spending more time with them."


This is our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. We asked students in Years 7-9 students to say what they were for as part of their lessons. We thought you'd like to see some of their messages. "I am grateful that my family has come closer together during lockdown."


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have kindly supplied Another 2 weeks worth of breakfasts thanks to funding from their charity. 234 Students families are coming in to collect breakfast bags with beans wheatabix bread fruit & milk Big thanks to & our Safer Schools Police Officers for packing


Parents/carers... you can now download "Raising Little Allies-To-Be: An Incomplete Guide" from our resources page. A beautiful resource to explore and with children. Download it at


You can now download a resource pack on from our resources page. Includes a list of books, films, TV shows, articles, videos and podcasts to help get you educated. Download at


Ms George says: "I can read Margaret Atwood’s writing time and time again. One of the reasons I wanted to study Literature at A-Level is so I could explore The Handmaid’s Tale and I’m so glad I did! Her writing is absorbing and still (sadly) politically relevant


Welcome meeting for our new Year 7s. You can now watch a recording of the full session, including Q&A.


Summer's Not Cancelled is an online summer programme to help young people aged 16-25 in develop their and skills. Find out more and sign up at


Can you spare 16 hours over July and August? Will you donate them to a project in this area? Sign up for the "One Million Hours" programme and find out about volunteering opportunities near you this summer.


FREE online mini-modules to help mums develop their tech skills over the summer.


Aged 15-19? You can apply for Words for Work, a virtual internship programme from . Complete a large scale creative project, take part in employability training, receive 1:1 mentoring, and creative masterclasses led by industry experts.


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Looking for summer activities? Find out more about this 'Summer of Food and Fun' programme for children and families in and .


How will your son travel to school in Sept? In light of government advice, we want to encourage all students to make their way to school safely when we reopen. Please help us by completing this one-minute travel survey by Weds 15 July. Thank you.


This week's competition - What have you enjoyed during lockdown? Send us a review of one film or a selection of different ones that have helped you through lockdown - and if they are linked to a book that you have read, even better! Details


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Southwark Libraries have some great events, videos and fun activities for young people as part of their . Big thanks to our for everything they are doing for young people in .


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Massive to & for arranging a today ❤️ These bags were used as a top up for our neighbours in need, already receiving freshly prepared meals. We are so pleased to pass on the parcels from to

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"As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward” - Vincent Van Gogh.

Our Curriculum intent for Art is to give students a rich picture of the world, from which they are then able to make moral and cultural judgements. This supports us in becoming articulate, confident and opinionated with everything we see in an artistic and visual world. The Arts are important in building passionate and reflective students. Understanding and applying the formal elements of art across all disciplines: line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern, colour and composition are vital in underpinning creative work.

A co-curriculum enrichment is important and Art links with many other subjects such as History, Music, English literature, MFL, Geography and Design Technology. Cultural links define many projects and literature is often a key feature. Arts is also committed to develop resilient, ambitious and curious people who will embed creativity in their own futures, careers and everyday life. Skills and concepts that are integrated to lessons are:

  • Resilience – trying something more than once
  • Safety and safe working practices – using tools and techniques safely and correctly
  • Culture – understanding the art world we live in
  • Proportion and scale - mathematical approaches to arts
  • Formal elements - showing understanding and application of line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern, colour and composition.
  • Research - finding information about a topic that informs art
  • Explore and respond – experimenting with different medias and their properties
  • Refine and reflect – annotate, explore how to improve and present findings
  • Describe and analyse – explain the how and why
  • Independence – identify own strengths and weakness

All of these skills help to develop the Master key in our young people.

For further information contact Liam Ryan Read our latest news about art, drama, dance and music.

Curriculum details

Download the Art Long Term Curriculum Plan for Years 7-11. Details of the art curriculum will be added here shortly. An overview of the curriculum is shown below.


Examples of work

Still life oil painting by Hassan, Year 10 

20190329 113028

Lictenstein-influenced portraits by Devente and Luis, Year 7

20190329 114328

20190329 114322

Close up of ‘threaded butterfly’ by Roje.

Art - Threaded butterfly

Helpful resources - enables artists, students and teacheers to independently and easily search for contemporary art and photography 

Tate Gallery -

Victoria and Albert Museum -

Pinterest -

Frieze -


Art and Design helps students with a wide range of future career options including:

  • Graphic designer
  • Artist
  • Photographer
  • Fashion designer
  • Computer animator
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • Product designer
  • Jewelry designer
  • Website designer
  • Comic book artist
  • Gallery curator
  • Illustrator