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Aged 11-16? Got 10-15 mins? Take part in the and YOUTH SURVEY 2018 and help shape the 's and Police priorities and youth engagement strategies. Have your say now at


Congratulations Lisa! Our boys really enjoyed being part of the awards and reading all the terrific books. Thank you to all the amazing authors and looking forward to next year!


Retweetd From Southwark Book Award

She did indeed! Southwark Book Award 2018 goes to Lisa Thompson for her brilliant debut THE GOLDFISH BOY! Voting was close but clear! Well done students from , you read, you judged, you chose!


We're soooo to have received two educational outcomes awards from - one for being in the top 20% of schools for student attainment in 2017, and the second for being in the top 10% for student progress. Great work boys, parents, staff, governors...!


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We love celebrating reading at Harris Garrard! Can you guess which books we have popped out of?


We're very impressed by this that Yaseen made as part of a 'stretch and challenge' task for . The creativeness of the resources used is very impressive. And it sounds great!


Retweetd From Southwark Book Award

We announce this year's Southwark Book Award shortlist : BOOKED, GOLDFISH BOY, WELCOME TO NOWHERE, THE HUNTRESS: SEA, SHADOW MAGIC & LIE KILL WALK AWAY. Southwark students currently deep in reading & judging mode!


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Director of Maths required .Apply now


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Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich is looking for an Innovation Leader for Geography. Apply now


Axel, Markell and Hassan are the first of our pupils to have been awarded over 4,000 Harris Points so far this year – a fantastic effort! Read about the rewards they get at


Because of the continuing cold weather the school will be closed on Friday 2 March except for students in years 10-11, who should come in at the usual time. However, school will end at 2pm to give the boys in years 10-11 more time to get home safely. Thank you.


Due to bad weather the school will be closed today, Thursday 1 March. Because of technical issues we're having some problems updating our website with this information just now but to confirm the school is closed today. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Interested in 's Republic? Why making mistakes is good for you? 's Principia? What is community? What makes British values? Take a look at our assembly presentations which cover all these and more. Downloadable from


Our teachers have compiled subject-by-subject resources for all our Year 11s. Lots to look. Visit - hope you find them helpful


In only 102 schools across England and Wales do students who are eligible for free school meals perform as well or better than other students. And we're very proud to be one of them


We're proud to have received the national for the 2nd time. It's given to schools championing equality and is recognised by Ofsted. It shows that EVERY boy will be supported to succeed. Find out more at


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Schools Standards Minister says Harris Federation is ‘leading the way’ on delivering excellent results for pupils


Really proud of our boys and staff for being 3rd out of 55 similar schools nationally in today's Department for Education figures, and in top 6% for student progress. Amazing work!


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Secondary school added value league tables out today - E.Dulwich very fortunate to have

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Latest News

Posted on November 22nd 2016

Renaissance Day, Tuesday 22 November - Pictures

Our first Renaissance Day of the year was on Tuesday 22nd November. All students were off timetable in order to delve into subjects and experiences they would not normally have an opportunity to engage in fully.

Year 7 – Community responsibility and the law

The Metropolitan Police led a whole day of sessions:

  • “E-Safety & Gangs”
  • “CSE & Sexual Offences”
  • “Personal Safety, Hate Crime & Radicalisation”
  • “Anti-Social Behaviour”
  • Illegal Substances - Presented by Southwark Insight
  • Stop & Search - You can’t touch me” Presented by Southwark Young Advisors

Renaissance 2Year 8 – Citizenship and entrepreneurship

The History department took Year 8 to the Houses of Parliament to see democracy in action. We had a tour of the Palace of Westminster with lots of fascinating facts about how the building was bombed and traditions such as the MPs refusing the Queen entry to the Commons when she visits.

The day was rounded off with the opportunity to grill an MP about life as a politician and her views. Our students gave her some very difficult questions – we definitely have some budding journalists and interviewers in the making. Finally, we heard from a journalist at the Telegraph about what her job involves and all the interesting people she meets. The day reminded us of the incredibly history of our democracy and how important it is to use our right to vote.

Other Year 8 students visited the Horniman Museum to look at the ‘evidence for evolution’ and science within the UK, followed by a visit to the museum’s aquarium

The final group worked on an entrepreneurial project (Launch Pad) with teams from global investment bank Goldman Sachs. Students worked on team building, key employability skills, product design, branding and marketing. The workshop aimed to help them further develop the skills which will enable them to be successful entrepreneurs.

Below: Up close and personal with animal skeletons at Horniman Museum, to see what they can teach us about evolution.

Renaissance 7

Year 9 – Sex and relationship education

Year 9 students were involved in a sexual health day, where different topics sparked the interest and led to debate amongst the boys. The sessions involved the boys understanding about, for example, contraception, STIs, gender equality, anatomy and domestic violence and sexting. The science department delivered fascinating sessions that the student’s will remember in years to come.

Renaissance 10

Year 10 – Careers

Year 10 students took part in a full day of careers development activities. The students were split into five groups and performed a carousel of interactive, thought-provoking sessions in order to develop their understanding and enthusiasm for the ever-changing professional world in which we live. 

Mr Miller led a mythbusting session drawing on experiences from the world of professional football. This included some facts and figures about life as a professional footballer as well as giving students an insight into the realistic probability of success in this field. He also talked about the importance of dreams and back-up plans before a question and answer session. 

An online session enabled students to create their own careers account using the KUDOS package. Students were able to learn about a variety of professions, qualifications, and entry requirements. They also carried out an online questionnaire that matched attributes and personality to possible careers. 

A third session included group discussion activities regarding the importance of qualifications and how they directly relate to future pathways and pay.  The session also explored jobs of the future as well as the growing apprenticeship opportunities in the UK. 

These three HBAED-led careers sessions were interspersed by hour long talks from external speakers from the business world.  The first speaker was Junior Ogunyemi; a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, author and former student entrepreneur award winner.  He gave an incredibly inspiring talk about goal setting and paths to future opportunities. The second speaker, Action Jackson, enthralled our students with a motivational speech about how focus is the key to success as well as some very practical ideas about how to harness and develop key transferrable skills that employers are looking for.  Many students and staff commented that these were the best external speakers to have visited the academy ever!  A huge thank you to all the students and staff for their hard work and application on the day.

Year 11 – Post 16 taster day

Students received:

  • Taster lessons on all the courses we offer and advice on becoming a Sixth Form student
  • Presentation by the Sixth Form team and Year 13 students on why students should study at Harris Boys’ Academy Sixth Form

“Year 11 will be enjoying a Sixth Form Taster Day where they will have the opportunity to engage and experience our exciting Sixth Form lessons”Mr O’Leary