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We're really looking forward to welcoming author Phil Earle () to our academy on Tues 30 Jan. He'll be talking about his love of writing, Frazzles and Hull - among other things


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Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich is looking for a Deputy Director of BDICT - Maternity Cover. Apply now

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Posted on November 23rd 2017

Renaissance Day - Thursday 23rd November

Renaissance Day Nov 2017 (4)Our latest Renaissance Day on 23rd November gave all our boys a chance to go off timetable and delve into subjects and experiences they would not normally have an opportunity to engage in fully. Here’s a quick summary of all the exciting things that happened.

Year 7 – Metropolitan Police workshops

Year 7 students worked with the Metropolitan Police to understand how they work within their communities. Students learned about how borders between police forces are defined, and how this has shaped anti-drug policing; keeping safe on public transport and on the street; the purpose of Operation Trident and the importance of individual decisions in preventing negative consequences; sexual offences and the issue of consent; as well as what constitutes cyber-bullying, sexting, and how to keep yourself safe on the internet and social media platforms.

Year 8 – Sports tournaments

The whole of the year 8 cohort competed in four mini tournaments of different sports throughout the Renaissance Day. Each hub was split into four teams and competed against the other hubs. The sports played were football, tag-rugby and handball. After all scores had been collected from each game played and points worked out, it was a close two horse race. With the formidable Active Science losing out by just one point to World Studies. A massive thank you to all of the staff who made the day possible and the student sports leaders who made sure their hubs, teams and peers were doing what was needed to be done at all times. An excellent event and has had a massive impact on the leader board for the Faculty Cup.



Total Points


World Studies



Active Science



Creative Voice





Year 9 – Building cultural capital

Year 9 focused on building their cultural capital, learning about the development of British constitutional democracy; religious development and schism, revolution and revolt; immigration and economic development of the UK; community issues with regard to the Grenfell Tower tragedy; the development of ethical considerations with regard to animal agriculture and animal welfare in the UK; and how sport has changed in the UK with sessions delivered by Everton FC Nutritionist Marcus Hannon Msc, Bsc (Hons), Rsen.

Year 10 – Sky Skills Studio

Renaissance Day Nov 2017 (5)

A group of Year 10 students had the excellent opportunity to visit Sky’s Skills Studios in West London and experience life in the broadcasting profession. The boys were given the task of producing a news report using real studios, equipment and professional direction from Sky staff. Each student had a role (producers, scriptwriters, editors and cameramen) and worked in a team to put together one part of a news item segment on cyberbullying. All four team came together to produce a full news item to be shown at the end of the day.

Many boys jumped at the chance to raid Sky’s costume wardrobe, with wigs, jackets, hats and ties everywhere! The boys slid effortlessly into their role with shouts of “Quiet on set”, “Focus the camera” and “Re-take that scene”. The finished product was an impressive four minute video clip which each boy was presented with on a USB wristband.

Once the clip was completed the group was taken on a tour of Sky Sports News. They watched live filming of Sky Sports and were able to see how a live newsroom worked. The return to school was filled with much talk of returning next year to beat the high quality of this year’s production.

Year 10 – Imperial War Museum

At the Imperial War Museum students explored the various exhibits spanning from the First World War through to the recent Gulf conflict. There were also exhibitions on espionage and the Cold War. Students were invited to explore these artefacts and information and then draw directly from this into their sketchbook for their GCSE art project. “It was very fascinating and I liked the old artefacts. They were detailed and complex.” said one Year 9. “Really interesting. I liked how the planes were shaped and displayed,” said another, and finally, “It was a good way to be educated about war and conflict,” said a third.