Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Staff List

Mr Christopher Everitt Executive Principal i.morton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mrs Irene Morton PA to the Principal i.morton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr  Peter Groves Head of Academy p.groves@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Richard Carey Senior Vice Principal r.carey@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Benjamin Bray Assistant Principal - Active Science b.bray@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Martin Pugh Assistant Principal - Creative Voice m.pugh@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Mr Harry Ingham Assistant Principal - Enterprise h.ingham@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Christopher  Brett Senior Assistant Principal - World Studies c.brett@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Parimal Bhatt Assistant Principal - Data / Exams p.bhatt@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Mr David O'Leary Assistant Principal - Head of Post 16 Learning Hub d.oleary@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Carla Price Associate Assistant Principal / Innovation Leader - Subject Leader for Dance c.price@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Joshua Connolly Associate Assistant Principal / Director of PE / SS j.connolly@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Natalie Davies Innovation Leader – English n.davies@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Jacqueline Warburton Director of Arts/ Subject Leader for Music j.warburton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Steve Candy Deputy Director of Arts Faculty / Subject Leader for Drama s.candy@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Samantha Davis Strand Leader for Art s.davis@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Katerina Avloniti Teacher of Art k.avloniti@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Ms Maria Gowing Teacher of Dance m.gowing@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms  Charlotte Bateson Director of English c.bateson@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Ms  Victoria Pitt Deputy Director of English v.pitt@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Charmaine Garton Teacher of English / Strand Leader KS3 c.garton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms  Jelena Lukic Teacher of English j.lukic@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Olivia Coates Teacher of English o.coates@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Amal Jama Teacher of English a.jama@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Richard Walsh Director of Humanities r.walsh@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Jonathan Maserejje Deputy Director of Humanities/ Subject Leader for Geography j.maserejje@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Oliver Walsh Deputy Director of Humanities/ Subject Leader for History o.walsh@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Katheryn Dos Santos Teacher of History k.dossantos@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Clare Rowley Teacher of Geography c.rowley@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Ruqaiyah Akhtar Director of Business, Design and ICT r.akhtar@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Charlotte Tweedale Deputy Director of Business, Design and ICT c.tweedale@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Michael Armstrong Teacher of Computing m.armstrong2@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Leila Coulibaly Teacher of DT l.coulibaly@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Fabian Leonard Director of Mathematics  f.leonard@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Nishma Mehta Deputy Director of Maths n.mehta@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Danielle Bayley Deputy Director of Maths d.bayley@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Ms Samira Abdulaahi Teacher of Mathematics s.abdulaahi@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Sam Pugh Teacher of Mathematics s.pugh@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Sarah Wanniaratchy Teacher of Mathematics s.wanniaratchy@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Lee Thompson Teacher of Mathematics l.thompson@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Michael Salmon Teacher of Mathematics m.salmon@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Irene Alferez Canavera Head of Spanish / EAL Co-ordinator i.alferez-canavera@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Gema De Cos Sierra Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages g.decossierra@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Shanice Burley Teacher of MFL s.burley@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Chris May Deputy Director of PE / Social Sciences c.may@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr David Hutton Teacher of PE d.hutton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Jake  Metcalfe Teacher of PE j.metcalfe@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Thomas Belcher Teacher of PE t.belcher@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Veejay Miller Teacher of PE v.miller@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Kier Saunders Director of Science k.saunders@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Mr  Mark  Matthews Subject Leader of Biology m.matthews@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Ms Kristen Gringeri Deputy Director of Science k.gringeri@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr  Luke Nowers Teacher of Science l.nowers@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Robert Wiles Teacher of Science r.wiles@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Victoria Hill Teacher of Science v.hill@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Janna Tripney Teacher of Science j.tripney@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Michael Williams Teacher of Science m.williams@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Alusine Koroma Science Technician a.koroma@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Katherine Price SENCO Leader k.price@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Ms Lauren Colbourne DSEN Co-ordinator l.colbourne@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
??Ms Chenga  Msiagi Teaching Assistant c.msiagi@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Darrianne Watson Teaching Assistant d.watson@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Julian Howell Teaching Assistant j.howell@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Ruth Saunders SEN Teacher r.saunders@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Nicola Hamilton 6th Form Manager n.hamilton@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Lyndell Delsol Behaviour Assistant l.delsol@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Carol Meli Behaviour Centre Administrator c.meli@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Mrs Christine St Ange EWO & Courts Officer/ Attendance Lead c.stange@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Yvonne Banton-Anibaba Student Attendance Officer y.banton-anibaba@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Laressa Burke Senior Behaviour for Learning Leader - World Studies l.burke@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Gemma Edwards Watson Behaviour for Learning Leader - Enterprise g.edwardswatson@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Oliver Dyer Behaviour for Learning Leader - Active Science o.dyer@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Janine Brown Student Welfare Manager (Mondays and Fridays) j.brown@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Sean Wander

Student Welfare Manager (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)/ Behaviour for Learning Leader - Creative Voice

Ms Rachel Sweeny Receptionist for Student Services/ Student Medical Needs r.sweeny@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mrs Jennifer Kirby HR Manager/ Clerk to Governors j.kirby@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mrs Monica Armstrong HR Administrator m.armstrong@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Ellen John Executive Data Lead e.john@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Runa Parveen Data Manager/ Exams Officer r.parveen@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Josephine Mead Learning Resources Manager j.mead@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Susan  Brown Learning Resource Centre Assistant s.brown@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Robin Van Der Hoek Academy Secretary r.vanderhoek@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Vilma Parkes Receptionist v.parkes@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Ms Jacqueline  Maltby Finance Officer j.maltby@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mrs Shelley Gayle Reprographics Manager s.gayle@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Peter Butterworth Premises Manager p.butterworth@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
Mr Derek Bailey Premises Assistant/ Security d.bailey@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk 
Mr Sulayman Mboob Premises Assistant/ Security s.mboob@harrisdulwichboys.org.uk
PC Marcus Kudliskis Safer Schools Police Officer m.kudliskis@harris-net.org.uk