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Safe and happy - see the results of our student survey “I am delighted that our students feel so safe and happy while at school. I am especially pleased with how secure they feel during unstructured time such as break and lunch." Mr Carey


Stuck for ideas on what to read? Wondering what to read after 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'? Check out our recommended reading lists including top 10 for and loads more at


"Very proud of all our MANY boys who received certificates for outstanding effort, attainment and progress at the end of last term." Mr Ingham Full story and pics at


Download pictures and films from . Loads to look back on and enjoy here


A huge THANK YOU to our staff who gave up 9 days of their Easter hols to make happen, to the families who saved up for the trip, and to this fabulous group of students who made friends wherever they went by their exemplary behaviour. Simply unforgettable!


Our beginner groups took the challenging run through the forest this morning at . Watch them in action! Fantastic work everyone...


Boys.... stuck for ideas on what to read??? Check out the Year 7-10 recommended reading lists on our page at Loads of compelling suggestions, plus new recommendations for the summer term


Lots of pictures and films from Crans Montana today at See our beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders in action... We're soooo proud of this group and how well they are doing!


Retweetd From Harris Bromley


Retweetd From Harris Bromley

Students are developing nicely with a push for beginners to move to the intermediate levels tomorrow.


Day 3 of saw blue skies again. See more pics of our snowboarders and skiers as they develop their skills and take on new challenges Great work everyone!


News and pics from Day 2 of with and . Beautiful sunrise, fantastic conditions, amazing progress - and relaxing in a thermal spa at day's end. Heaven! More pics and full report Great work everyone...


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An inflatable challenge.


Day one on the slopes . A few faces in the snow, bumps and bruises but loads of learning and fun. Novices now snowploughing. Advanced group at 2257 feet! Proud of you all... More pics and full report at


We've arrived safely in , Switzerland, for 2018 snow sports trip. Greeted by heavy snow. Bodes well! Reports and pictures from tomorrow at


We're so proud of Crispin for his excellent performance in the Speak Out challenge regional final last night . Many congrats to winner Omotola from and all the other fantastic contestants. What a great event!


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"Wotsists for 50p" brilliant speech by Crispin from about the black market in unhealthy snacks on the playground fuelling an unhealthy lifestyle.


Retweetd From Josie Verghese

Amazing to have so many Southwark schools represented by impressive young people at tonight’s event - high 5 Teams and SILS!


Retweetd From SouthwarkYA's

Good afternoon Please can you let your students 16+ know we are recruiting thank you ☺


Great game indeed and congratulations to the winners too! :-)

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Posted on December 12th 2016

Trip to Downing College, Cambridge

Cambridge 2

Thirty four of the academy's most able cohort in years 9 and 10 travelled to Cambridge University for a taster day at Downing College. They were given a tour of the grounds and learned about the college's traditions and key influences.

Pupils were then given an admission talk offering advice on options at university, including Cambridge and Russell Group universities. This included:

  • Work hard to get the best GCSE grades you can
  • Prepare for when you have to choose your A-levels to make the best choices
  • Find and explore a topic or subject of interest
  • Demonstrate a clear interest in research and reading you have pursued outside of the classroom.

Cambridge 3


Once the canteen had been thoroughly investigated by each and every student, one of the current PhD students led a session on Ice Age: A Man Made Climate Change. This provided the group with challenging material, statistical analysis and new terminology, all of which the pupils had to decipher. Although this was a stretch above the academic levels the pupils have been accustomed to, the pupils managed to engage with the speaker and all used this newly acquired content to form discussions which impressed the Cambridge staff.

The tour around the city and other college sites demonstrated the sheer size and impressive characteristics of the university. The tour guides highlighted the various backgrounds, personalities and interests that can be found at the sites and how the university is open to all. "There is not just one type of ‘Cambridge’ person - you can find anyone who likes the same things as you here", was one message.


The university has the most amount of clubs and societies in the country, with room for students to set up their own. The city tour revealed some more historic places and events within the world of research. The students here are studying alongside the world's leading experts, in buildings where the scientific community had been rocked by discoveries such as the  Watson and Crick's double helix DNA strand and Sanger's molecular structure of insulin, along with many others.

The three hour journey back through traffic did not hinder the students' spirits. A lot of the students moved from not believing Cambridge to be a realistic option for the future, to having a clear focus on additional research proposals for when they are ready to apply. Cambridge thanked the group‘s involvement throughout the day and we would like to thank both students and staff for representing the high standards of the academy.

Mr Metcalfe, Teacher of Physical Education, Extra-Curricular Coordinator, Most Able Coordinator

Cambridge 1