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We've noticed great improvements with Bedrock recently. It's fantastic so many students are now benefitting from the repeated reading and vocabulary practise. Our parent guide will help you to help your child(ren) with Bedrock. Download it at


Congratulations to PC Marcus on your award from all the students and teachers at Harris Dulwich Boys. Definitely a most well-deserved award. We are proud to have you on our team!


School food really matters. Thanks to our staff and Met police officers for helping us provide 400 free breakfast bags for children this week. Each bag has two weeks’ of breakfasts. Bags went out on Tues and Weds this week.


HBAED students... do you need more data to help you study? The government has launched a scheme which temporarily increases data allowances for some mobile phone users so that students can access remote education. Click here to find out more and apply


It's Wellbeing Wednesday so why not complete this full body yoga session today? We've a different suggested wellbeing activity for every single day in January in our HBAED Wellbeing Calendar at Take a look!


Over 2,300 e-books are now available through your school Reading Cloud log in. Click to start reading. Username is your school email address ( Password is harrisboys (you can change this).


Thanks for getting in touch, Nicole. If you are having problems accessing the dashboard could you email please? You can mark it for attention of Ms George if you like. We'll then get you the help you need.


We want to boost our students’ vocabulary and Bedrock is one of the tools we use. Has your child logged on? Are they consistently working on Bedrock? How much progress have they made? See your parent dashboard for an insight. Let’s close the vocabulary gap together!


Our Health and Wellbeing Calendar has a suggested activity for every day in January, to help you look after your health and wellbeing. See what's on the calendar today at


Retweetd From Southwark Police

Southwark Safer Schools Officers assisted food bag packing event this afternoon, 370 students will receive two weeks’ worth of Breakfast Bags to assist during these challenging times, these will be collected tomorrow by the families


This week's PE challenge is to complete a 5k run, jog or walk. Mr May has been out and running to set you some 5k times to try and beat, if you want to! But it doesn’t really matter how long it takes. Find out how to take part at


Thank you to entrepreneur Mark Jenner, Founder of for his inspirational talk to our Yr 7 boys recently as part of their Active Citizens Enterprise Day. “It was great to to see the boys demonstrate such confidence," he said. Read more


We are pleased to announce that we are committed to achieving the Quality in Careers Standard in 2021. We aim to provide an outstanding programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance to address the career development needs of all our students


Getting this lovely message from a parent made a BIG difference to our day today🙂.


Covid testing in schools. To see our letter to parents about this national scheme, including the consent form, please visit Thank you.


Please see our Covid-19 Updates page for the latest details of start of term arrangements. Thank you as ever for your cooperation.


We are proud to present our Seasonal Showcase 2020 to show that, despite Covid, the arts at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich are thriving! Watch at


HBAED staff wishing you festive cheer - watch here!


Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to the winners!


Prof Martin Marshall, Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, took the time recently to speak to our Yr 9 & 10 aspiring medics. The boys really valued hearing him talk about the impact of a GP's work and his views on the Covid vaccine.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Name Date Category  
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Application Form for Parent Governor 16th Nov 2017Whole School Download
Auturmn Term 2020 - Full Reopening 02nd Jul 2020Whole School Download
Bedrock Vocabulary Letter 15th Oct 2020Whole School Download
Change of School Uniform Provider 04th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Christmas and New Year arrangements 13th Dec 2018Whole School Download
Consent Forms (Teenage Vaccinations) 01st Nov 2019Whole School Download
Coronavirus Advice and Update, 26th Feb 2020 26th Feb 2020Whole School Download
Covid 19 updaet 13 March 2020 13th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Covid Testing in Southwark - A Letter to Parents from the Council 17th Dec 2020Whole School Download
Covid-19 Testing - Letter to Parents 04th Jan 2021Whole School Download
Daily Dismissal and Bus Stops - Info For Parents 07th Sep 2020Whole School Download
E-safety information evening 10 Jan 2018 25th Nov 2017Whole School Download
Easter Letter to Parents and Carers 16th Apr 2020Whole School Download
End of Term and Christmas Arrangements 11th Dec 2020Whole School Download
End of Term letter to Parents and Carers 14 02 2019 14th Feb 2019Whole School Download
Face Coverings on Public Transport 12th Oct 2020Whole School Download
Free School Meals and Pupil Premium 17th Nov 2017Whole School Download
GCSE Exams May-June 2018 21st Mar 2018Year 11 Download
Government Announcement on Schools 05th Jan 2021Whole School Download
Half Term Intervention 14th Oct 2020Post 16 Download
HBAED Uber Trip 2019 - Application Form 03rd Oct 2018Whole School Download
Important Dates for Your Diary 18th Oct 2017Whole School Download
Important Dates in the Spring Term 17th Jan 2018Whole School Download
Introducing Bedrock for homework 09th Oct 2019Whole School Download
Key Academy Dates for 2019-2020 09th Sep 2019Whole School Download
Key Stage 3 - What's Happening This Term 01st Jun 2020Whole School Download
Key Worker Application Form 20th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Key Workers - Letter to All Parents 20th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Keyworkers Provision Update 20 March 2020 20th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Letter regarding Music Resources May 2020 18th May 2020Whole School Download
Letter to Exam Year Groups - GCSEs and A Levels 2021 05th Jan 2021Whole School Download
Letter to Parents of New Year 7s 30th Apr 2020Year 7 Download
Letter to Parents/Carers with end of term and new term arrangements 04th Sep 2019Whole School Download
Letter to Year 11 students regarding Exam cancellations 25th Mar 2020Year 11 Download
Letter to Year 7 Parents 10th Sep 2020Year 7 Download
March Mock Exams - Year 11 26th Feb 2018Year 11 Download
Maths Revision - Year 7 14th May 2019Year 7 Download
Maths Revision - Year 8 14th May 2019Year 8 Download
MiMove App - How it Works 12th Oct 2020Whole School Download
Musical Instrument Lessons 28th Sep 2020Year 8 Download
Musical Instruments Lessons 28th Sep 2020Year 7 Download
Musical Instruments Lessons 28th Sep 2020Year 9 Download
New Data Protection Regulations and HBAED 01st Sep 2019Whole School Download
Notification of a Case of Covid-19 at the Academy 16th Nov 2020Whole School Download
Partial Closure for Year 12 only 16th Mar 2020Post 16 Download
Partial Closure of the Academy 17 March 2020 17th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Remote Learning Update - From the Principal 14th Jan 2021Whole School Download
Safeguarding Children and Young People in Southwark 07th Jun 2018Whole School Download
School Closure - update 19 March 2020 19th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Start of Spring Term - Important Update 31st Dec 2020Whole School Download
Start of Term and Mass Testing in Schools 23rd Dec 2020Whole School Download
Test and Trace - Letter to Parents from the NHS 25th Sep 2020Whole School Download
Uber Trip 2018 17th Jan 2018Whole School Download
Uber Trip 2020 19th Sep 2019Year 9 Download
Uber Trip 2020 19th Sep 2019Year 8 Download
Uber Trip 2020 19th Sep 2019Year 7 Download
Update on application to 6th Form 14th Jan 2021Year 11 Download
Vacancy for Parent Governor 16th Nov 2017Whole School Download
Virtual Learning - Sample Timetable for Parents 27th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Wearing Face Coverings in School 16th Oct 2020Whole School Download
Welcome to 2018-19 13th Jul 2018Whole School Download
Welcome to the new Academic Year 31st Aug 2017Whole School Download
Year 10 Assessments 22nd Nov 2019Year 10 Download
Year 10 Exams Summer 2019 07th Jun 2019Year 10 Download
Year 10 School Re-Opening - Letter to Parents 22nd May 2020Year 10 Download
Year 11 BTEC Sport Exam 06th Dec 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Core Event Invitation 25th Jan 2018Year 11 Download
Year 11 Mock Exams 14th Oct 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Mock Exams timetable 22nd Jan 2020Year 11 Download
Year 11 Mock Exams, November 2018 19th Oct 2018Year 11 Download
Year 11 Mock Results and Preparation for GCSE Examinations Evening 19th Dec 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Parents'Evening 07th Oct 2019Year 11 Download
Year 12 End of Term Update for Parents 16th Oct 2020Post 16 Download
Year 13 End of Term Update for Parents 16th Oct 2020Post 16 Download
Year 13 Mock Exams 20th-27th November 04th Nov 2020Post 16 Download
Year 7 Parent's Evening 06th Nov 2019Year 7 Download
Year 8 Renaissance Day 18th Nov 2019Year 8 Download