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We built a rocket in Science lessons during Cultural Horizons Fortnight. See it in action at And we made survival equipment so we can survive on a desert island (should we get stuck on one over the hols). Read a full report


During Humanities lessons, boys learned about the highs and lows of the reign of Elizabeth I by creating a board game. "You have just robbed a Spanish ship. Have another go."


Two days at Downe Activity Centre included fun activities to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and also conquering fears. Boys climbed a 30 foot pole, but could they make the jump at the end?!


Cultural Horizons Fortnight included trips to , and local museums too. Over 400 boys went on trips during the two weeks.


Our ‘Viva Espana’ days celebrated culture, and to raise boys' global horizons. And they made these rather impressive traditional pinatas (animal figures) too...


It's been Cultural Horizons Fortnight here, with boys getting involved in loads of engaging creative, cultural activities and trips to end a great school year... Read a full report at


"Could you please pass on our thanks to all those who have been involved in our son’s education. I am certain that he will achieve what he needs to for the next step in his education and that is in no small part because of the professionalism and hard work of HBAED staff." Parent


"I'm just emailing to say how impressed I was with the manners of one of your pupils (I'd guess year 9 or 10) who opened the shop door and held it open for me to leave. It was polite and considerate and I felt compelled to email." Local resident


We're getting some lovely messages from parents as the end of year approaches. Thank you soooo much. "To all the staff at HBAED... You are brilliant. Thank you for all your help in turning our son into a sensible, responsible and kind young man." Parent


Our athletes came third in the most competitive ever Sports Day last week, with a record medal haul. Well done boys! There's a great feeling of pride in our community for your fantastic achievement. Full results at Take a bow!


"I feel really proud of myself." Well done to all 51 boys recognised for their exceptional achievement at our Celebration of Success Evening 2018. Full report and pics at


Thanks Diego for the batch of cakes you made to say to our teachers. Much appreciated by Mr Ingham! Teachers like ...


The cast and crew of our production of Twelve Angry Men enjoy a celebratory breakfast following their rave reviews for their performances earlier this week.


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Cracking day out at Crystal Palace Sports Centre. did them selves proud winning medals and sticking to the task. Whilst spectators were immaculately behaved through out. Well done all!


Leo, Rowland, Hari and Rizwan love a challenge. Well done to them for competing so well in the Numeracy Challenge, with rounds on and more. They didn't make the top 3 but we're so proud of them! Read more at


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Good luck to all the competitors at the 2018 Sports Day today, and all the fantastic students supporting them!


So proud to be Spelling Champions 2018. Huge thanks to for hosting and all 20 schools that took part. With Guglielmo needing to spell “bourgeoisie” to clinch the title, it was tenser than a penalty shoot out! Read full story


Our summer newsletter is out today. Read about first school production (12 Angry Men), the winners in the UK Maths Challege from , parent survey results, Club, TWO national awards from , and lots more. Read it now at


Sadiq Kahn has invited us to join his Schools for Success programme to be "a shining example of others of what can be achieved". We're one of just 46 schools invited to join for two years in a row . Great work everyone!


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Please retweet - Have you seen this exciting new development programme ‘BBC Pathways’ for Yr 12 (16yrs) interested in and . Discovery days in Oct in and TBC – Register:

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