Our Summer Showcase is on 14th July, 6.30pm - get your tickets!


A huge thank you to everyone at Norton Rose Fulbright, Shell, Citi and ING who helped to organise and host an amazing session for Year 10, giving them an insight into life at a top international firm. An invaluable experience! Read more


"It was great to hear about all the different taxes we pay and what they are used for," Faizal, Year 10. Find out what happened when PwC volunteers met Year 10 to talk about financial literacy and careers. Read more


Year 13 visit the PwC offices in the heart of London, to gain a valuable insight into working life at one of the biggest firms in the world. Thank you to Nikki, Garvin, Callum and Charles from PwC for making this trip happen. More at


Nine boys from our Harris Experience programme see behind the scenes at Christie’s Auction House and present their plan for an art gallery called 'Human Creativity'. Great work boys! Full story at


"The trip to Coventry University gave us a real-life experience on how uni life is. There was a lot to offer, and they have a lot of facilities." Mohiuddin, Year 12. Read about our sixth form tour of with at


Thank you Elizabeth Oladunni of for visiting our school recently and inspiring Year 10 to consider careers in law. They were inspired by her personal journey and we wish Elizabeth continued success in her legal career!


“If you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism. We are not all the same and do not have the same traits.” Read about our events for


Performing Arts at HBAED presents The Wiz, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th March 2022, 6.30pm (doors 6.15pm). £6 adults, £3 children (£15 two adults, two children). Tickets available from the Performing Arts Team. Don't miss out!


Students had a tour around the Houses of Parliament earlier this week to learn about the importance of democracy and the role of parliament. The trip made links with the Year 8 history curriculum which this term has focused on women's suffrage.


Performing Arts at HBAED presents The Wiz, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th March 2022, 6.30pm (doors 6.15pm). £6 adults, £3 children (£15 two adults, two children). Tickets available from the Performing Arts Team.


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Our 5th and penultimate festival of the season today. Cant wait to welcome. Might get muddy!!


Read what boys wrote about their recent visit to Ironmongers' Hall, where they learned about its , , people and . "An exceptional, exclusive, exciting experience," Syria, Year 9. Read more at


“I loved how the actors reeled me in. Even our teachers went on stage to play darts," Nihar, Year 8. Read more students review of a brilliant performance of Romeo & Juliet directed by . More reviews at


A nice email to end Thurs🙂 . "I wanted to send an email to commend how well your students behaved on the trip to see Romeo and Juliet at Southwark Playhouse. They were a credit. They sat silently throughout the performance and always were engaged with the show." Very proud!


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Wonderful demo by on data-driven approaches to teaching


Staff and students at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich would like to pass on their profound thanks to for such an informative and valuable session with holocaust survivor Eva Clarke to mark


Ben's 'Fantasy Wings' - diary of an aspiring pilot. Ben, Year 9, is one of our aspiring pilots who we sent off to join the Fantasy Wings programme - eight Saturday workshops to find out more about careers in the aviation industry. Read his diary here


Year 10 were really inspired by their time with Oxford today and look forward to finding out more about life at an Oxbridge college. A big thank you to .


Our Year 10 boys loved their time with today. Thank you!

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Posted on February 10th 2017

Author Bali Rai Runs Creative Writing Workshop

Bali Rai

Humans are natural story tellers,” said award-winning author Bali Rai during his visit to the academy yesterday.  

Bali, whose parents emigrated to Britain from India, became a writer because of his experience of growing up in Leicester ("the most multi-cultural place in England").

Although as a child he read several books a week, he couldn’t find characters or stories that represented the world he knew. “My books explore what it means to be brown or black in a country where most people don’t look like you,” he said.


Bali, whose stories include The Gun, (Un)Arranged Marriage and Soccer Squad  visits schools across the UK to enthuse children about writing, reading and being creative. “The students here had so many interesting questions,” he said. “Often you have to bleed questions out of students but not here. I got more questions from your Year 9 than at any other school I've visited. I was really impressed.”

Bali talked about the importance of writing in your own voice, using the world around you for inspiration. After the assembly several boys followed Bali into the library to ask more questions ahead of the creative writing workshop for selected students in years 8-10.

Bali Rai 3

"Conflict and resolution"

Creative writing forms an important part of the English curriculum and Bali showed students how to structure stories using challenges, conflict and resolution. “If you want to be a writer my best advice is to practise,” said Bali, who wrote his first novel between 6am and 8am after working all night managing a nightclub. “You’ll never be a good footballer without practice and it’s the same with writing.”

During the assemblies students quizzed Bali about how he got started as a writer, where his ideas come from and how long it took to write his books. “Having someone like Bali coming here helps me with my ideas,” said Jem, Year 9. Dwayne, Year 9, added: “He included all of us in his talk and encouraged us to ask questions, which I liked.”

Read, learn, check facts

"I think Bali made a lot of sense to our boys, as shown particularly by how well the year 9s and 10s listened to him, the quality of their questions and the conversations that several boys had with him in the library at break time and after school," said Jo Mead, Learning Resources Manager. "It was great to have him put across the message that it is not only cool but essential to read, learn, get knowledge and check the facts – otherwise you cannot possibly know what is true and what is not in the world today. He also made the boys think about knowing who they are and what their identity is, especially if it is different from their parents."

Martin Pugh, Assistant Principal, said: "Bali Rai was a really good speaker. His story of how he became a writer will surely have inspired some of our students to think that they can do the same."

Bali’s visit is the latest in a series of author talks organised by the library team, who pick authors they know our students will relate to. Authors gain from the experience too. “Coming to schools like this keeps me in contact with young people,” says Bali. “I keep in touch with school culture and the way people speak, and even find students’ names creeping into my fiction!”