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Welcome meeting for our new Year 7s. You can now watch a recording of the full session, including Q&A.


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Have your say on the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. Write a story in 500 words for the competition. Categories for 5-9 and 10-13 year olds. Closes 3rd July. You can do it!


One of Mrs Okai's is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. "It's a fantastic story that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Asperger’s syndrome. I love it so much I have seen the theatre piece 5 times." Mrs Okai


You're v welcome. Be great to have you back, once author visits get underway again!


'A Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter' - resources, activities and tips for families to empower children to work towards racial equality. View and download at


All this week we're celebrating the 'books that make us'. Author Bali Rai is popular with our boys and visited our school in 2017 (pictured). Find out which books encouraged to become a writer at

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Posted on March 12th 2020

Year 12 Visit Beautiful Roehampton University

Our Year 12 A-Level History class went on an outing where we visited the prestigious Roehampton University in South West London alongside our teachers Mr Walsh, Mr Blyth and Mr Connolly.

Whilst there, we got a tour of the campus by two of the third year students (China and Harry) as they split us up into two groups and gave us very useful insights into the work and life of a History student that I am certain none of us will forget. They gave us a tour we all very much enjoyed.


Our visit to Roehampton University included a university-style lecture in a room given to us by a professor. This lecture focused on Khrushchev and helped us with our Paper 1 knowledge. It provided us with useful information about the History course to help us decide whether to choose History for a course in university. This lecture taught us information-taking and gave us a good taster to university lifestyle.

Top notch facilities

After this, we were given a tour of the campus by the 3rd year historians. We were astonished by how impressive the campus was. Top notch facilities such as the library and halls of residence, kind people and a nice, natural environment that left the university looking more like a campsite then a place of intensive learning. Roehampton was incredibly diverse and absolutely humongous; definitely a place all students agreed they would like to go to or even visit again. There were too many impressive structures to even capture all of them in pictures.


Once we got back, we got treated to delicious cakes and drinks and we got to ask the 3rd year students questions to clear up unknowns and to ask about their life in university. They all had very interesting things to say about student life, student finances, choosing the correct course, work experience and future employment .

All in all, this university and the people there are more that incredible and I am certain that all of us would love to go again to study there or simply just to visit. We are very thankful to have gotten to speak to the professor, Harry and China.

Yussef, Year 12, History subject ambassador


What students said...

Hope, Head Boy of Harris Boys' sixth form says: “This trip was absolutely incredible. It gave great insight into the life of a university student and it informed me of the entry requirements I need to get into university. We were alongside three students who knew the university life inside out, being our guides with the professor, and they taught us how to treat university life. It pushed me to want to achieve better grades in my A Level tests. This university has definitely been put in the list of universities I would like to go to.”

Fernando, Ambassador at Harris Boys' sixth form says: “Our trip to Roehampton gave a great insight towards the university life and deconstructed the misconception that it requires all your time which will hinder your social life, when in reality there are a lot of events and opportunities to relax and de-stress to improve mental health.”


Vinnie foster, student at Harris Boys' sixth form says: “I enjoyed the trip to Roehampton. The lecture helped me visualise the university lectures and how it would be if I were to go. It has helped me finalise my decision about going to university, and I am grateful for the insight into university life and we were able to ask many questions that helped me make my decision.”

All Year 12 a level history students loved the trip and would love to go again. To find out more, visit the Roehampton University website.