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Shammah-Michael, Year 9, has won our competition for his 'Gear 4', a cracking work of strong narrative pace and purpose, making good use of his knowledge of classic titles. Great work! Read Gear 4 at


Forty boys from Year 7 were highlighted in their reports as showing an excellent attitude to learning. These boys were rewarded with a celebratory Principal's Breakfast with Mr Groves today. A fantastic start to their education at HBAED!


The University of Kent today explored with our Sixth Formers the benefits of going to university. Students learned about single honours and joint honours, and the academic, social and career benefits of attending university. Thank you to for coming along!


Riot Act visited to perform a safety presentation to some of our Year 7 students recently. The boys greatly enjoyed the theatrical performance and learnt all about how to navigate the city safely and securely. Big thanks to for coming along!


Watch a film about how out students got to design a pavilion for COP26. The pavilion was designed by the boys following a two-day workshop at Grimshaw Architects and shows a deconstructed dome pulled apart by the symbolic hands of humanity.


A big thank you to the inspiring Ernest Boadu of for visiting and speaking to our Sixth Formers about their future pathways. “He is a role model who we can look up to and relate with from his experiences." Rohan, Year 13


Our recent Awareness Event has really helped increase understanding of ADHD around our school. Read more at


We're very proud of our students who designed a pavilion for COP26. Seeing how our curriculum has real-world impact and relevance is incredibly inspiring for students.


Adam receives our first Bronze Badge of the year from Mr Cooper, for the number of Harris Points he has earned. There will lots more Bronze Badges awarded this year but Adam is the first. Well done!


Alassane, Adam, Syria, Getty, Gethin, J’Dore and Max pictured with Mr Ingham. Each week students are nominated by tutors for 'doing the right thing all the time' that week and receive a free breakfast, gift voucher and certificate. Great work!


Thank you to local entrepreneurs Erenti and SK for coming in to inspire our Year 11s. The boys learned about the two entrepreneurs' journeys to success and about what's involved in running a business.


Each week we nominate boys for 'doing the right thing' that week. Winners get a free breakfast, gift voucher and certificate. Mr Ingham celebrates with our latest winners - Altana, Jeremiah, Prajenthan, Theo, Austin, Adam, Denzel, David and Abdulahi


Very proud of our boys who won prizes in the Sam King Windrush Awards, which invited children to write short stories about the men and women who travelled on the MV Empire Windrush in 1948. Well done Nate and David! Details and winning stories at


Well done and good luck in the next round! We look foward to meeting again!


We're very proud of our students who helped to design this pavilion for , built by and , and showing the hands of humanity pulling apart a dome. More at


A pavilion designed by students at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich is being built for . Designed in a project with and , the design shows the hands of humanity pulling apart a dome, showing our impact on the planet. More at


Year 11 - looking for past papers and other revision resources, in preparation for the mock exams after the holdiday? Find them all at


Boys in Years 7-9 were honoured today at a Principal's Breakfast for coming in the top 40 for both 'Attitude to Learning' and 'Attainment' in the summer assessments. Great work everyone!


Black history is everyone's history. This month we are marking and adding extra events to the many already integrated within our curriculum, celebrating Black history. Read more


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Huge thanks to for the "So you want to be a game designer" talk today & to the for organising it. It was a pleasure to see engagement levels of pupils at as well as those at , &more

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Posted on May 21st 2020

"Reflections On Our Times", by Daniel, Year 10

We were very impressed by Daniel's 'state of the nation' message and thought we'd share his excellent piece of writing with you. #ActiveCitizens.

DanielThe world is in a dire state right now. Thousands dying per day, families losing their loved ones, people separated. It may seem like there is no way out, that we are forever to be stuck in this phase where we are not allowed to see anyone and we have to keep ourselves locked inside, but that is not true. It may take time but the world will restore to the natural order of things, families will see each other, people will meet up with friends and all will seem right.

I know it may seem easy to give up and sit around hopeless, but that’s what will make the situation worse for us. People across the world are in the same state as me and you but they are choosing to do something. There are countless people dedicating their time to do something productive or to do something to help the key workers who desperately need protection. That is what we should be doing. Not sitting around playing games or on social media, we should be doing something productive.

There are countless people dedicating their time to do something productive

Also, take time to be grateful that you are surviving this virus when so many others aren’t. Take the time to be grateful to the NHS. Day in and day out the NHS workers are risking their lives for the greater good. It doesn’t even have to be something big, like clapping the key workers is a way you can show that you are grateful.

When this is all over, don’t forget about it. Be grateful you survived and that the world got back to normal but also take time to remember people that have died, whether that be someone close to you or a person in your wider community.

Don’t give up hope, things will get back to the way they were, we will see each other again. It may take some months, but we will meet again.

I would like to leave you with this message.

Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it you'll never make it through the night.

Daniel Connell, Year 10