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Pedro, Year 9, recommends Club. "Join Mr Hodgson and co and help take care of plants from the Sizeable Squash to the Minuscule Microgreens." Mr Ingham is very impressed, and even used the spare sweet peas in his own garden!


Journalism Club boys and their families at the premiere of their very own film about mental health at The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton this afternoon. Well done year 8!


Year 10 boys enjoy a practical day last week. They had the chance to show off the knowledge they have learned throughout the year and recall practical skills from Year 9 too. Mr Ingham was thrilled to see so many 'Einsteins in the making!'


50 of our top students have won £10 Amazon vouchers! Well done and keep working on your development. is for life!


Carla Price is presented with her Lockdown Hero Teaching Award - one of several awards received by our staff in the latest Pearson National Teaching Awards. Very proud of our whole staff team :-)


Teacher Robin Sedgwick is presented with his Pearson National Teaching Award 'Certificate of Excellence' by some of our boys. We are proud to this year have four of our teachers recognised in the awards


Our Year 9 team won the apprenticeship challenge yesterday. Very proud of our boys! They left school cheering and buzzing having raised £509 for their chosen charity, Football Beyond Borders . Full story


Our boys enjoy an workshop with - using storytelling, physical theatre, poetry writing and visual art. London has lost its connecton. The local superhero ‘Empathy’, who would normally fix this, has burned out. Can our boys fix it?!


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We delivered our WYZ Money (financial literacy) workshop to a great group of Y8 students at last week. Read our article to see what the students said:


Massive congratulations to Joshua - the first boy in the academy to reach 550 Harris Points which means he has received his Gold Lapel Badge. Joshua always works so hard and makes excellent contributions in every lesson. A real role model for his year group. Outstanding!


The boys in our club are preparing for their final showcase in July. Harris Boys - full of talent!


Students in Year 8 are learning about the importance of good financial literacy with . The workshop helped our boys' improve their understanding of personal finances and develop a positive and responsible mindset to finances. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it!


We are very proud to have four of our teachers recognised in the Pearson National Teaching Awards this year. The awards tie in with National , which is for ALL staff working in UK schools and colleges.


Today is national , and you can send a card to a teacher or school of your choice using this link. We'd love to hear from you!🙂


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Aged 14 – 19 and live in Southwark? Passionate about the issues that matter to you? Stand as a Youth Parliament candidate for your school, youth club or local area. Find out more and apply before 25 June


This was a great session for our boys. Thank you 😃


This was a great session! Thank you .


Some of our Most Able students attended Christies’ Virtual Art Seminar recently, where they had to design an art gallery and decide which works of art to present in it, and explain their choices to students from other Harris academies. Full story


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Session 9 of our 10-week programme at the amazing today. Fantastic engagement as always from the boys! Mature, focused, and a genuine desire to learn! Always nice to receive such brilliant feedback! Great work boys 👏👍

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Posted on July 21st 2021

Exploring the World of Work With Top Professionals

Year 10 had a whole day of work experience earlier this week, meeting professionals from sectors including marketing, finance, engineering and medicine.

Boys chose which sectors to explore, depending on their interests, and the day started with online presentations from an impressive array of professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists. The groups covered:

  • Entrepreneurship and marketing, with a session led by Graham Perkins of Atlas Air
  • Music production, led by Ed Freitas of Echo Fox Limited
  • Political influencing - how to make our world a better place, with Joe Chapman, MAG Airports
  • Computer programming and website design, with Turing Lab, Peckham
  • Designing cities of the future, with Daniel Davies, London Legacy Olympic Park
  • Sports industry, led by Oliver Pickup, journalist, and Hailu Theodros, Chelsea sports coach
  • Design, technology and engineering, with Mark Jenner, Founder of Beeline
  • Medical sciences and astrophysics, with Hope Osifo, Medical Undergraduate, Liverpool University
  • Work in the City, law and financial services, with Thomas Anderson, Nothando Malaba and Reggie Nelson of Barclays, Hogan Lovells and LGIM respectively.
  • Film and media journalism, with Nicola Tatley, freelance writer

IMG 3068Boys clearly relished the chance to meet people working in industries and sectors for which the students feel an affinity. "From a young age I’ve always wanted to do finance so it was great that someone from the finance industry is coming in and organising a session for us," said Yaseem, Year 10 (pictured).

After meeting and quizzing the professionals, our boys did their own financial analysis activity. "We are doing a report on shares in Barclays and Lloyds bank and advising clients on whether they should hold or sell them," said Yeseem. "Sessions like this will give us a perspective into the real world and what it is really like to work in finance."

IMG 3057The medical sciences group learned about the experiences of one young trainee medic and then got the chance to dissect a rat, to give them a hands-on insight into one aspect of medicine.

"The medical student told us about his experiences and how he is aspiring to be a doctor," said Hamza, Year 10. "He gave us good advice about preparing a personal statement for university and told us how we worked hard when we was at school."

Mustafa (pictured) chose this group because he is thinking of a medical career. "I'm interested in a career in pharmacology, so this session will be a good insight," he said.

The music production group met Ed Freitas of Echo Fox Limited, who has worked with a wide array of top names in the music industry. William, Year 10, chose this session because of his passion for music. "I have lots of interesting career paths in mind and I haven’t decided on one yet but this session was still really eye-opening and an insight into what you can do with music when you think outside the box," said William. "I took away from the session that you don’t have to specialise in one instrument to be good in the music industry – you need to have a wide array of skills you can apply to different genres."

Axel, Year 10, opted for the 'building cities of the future session. "I am interested in buildings and I was curious about how people plan and make buildings and what the process is. We met a director of planning and he talked about the local Southwark planning and what’s happening in Peckham and the process of planning and negotiations."

IMG 3093

The boys in the marketing and entrepreneurship group (pictured above) met Graham Perkins of Atlas Air and were clearly very inspired.

"I chose this session because I’m interested in marketing, but I wasn’t expecting such a lively lesson," said Dante, Year 10. "My aspiration is to work with people and build a business from scratch. We learned how the airline industry works, and how it’s linked to all sorts of other industries. This morning’s session opened my eyes because I thought I was dreaming and aspiring but listening to Graham and how he came from a local school to play such a huge part in Atlas Airlines was just amazing."

IMG 3081The design and technology group met Mark Jenner of bike navigation company Beeline. Moshood, Year 10 (pictured), chose this group because he's interested in how things are made and why they are made in the way they are. In the activity afterward, Moshood got to design and make his own car. 

"I'm trying to make it aerodynamic so it moves as fast as possible," he said. "This morning's session was good because I found out how product designers find problems in the world and figure out ways to solve them."

A big thank you to all our presenters and session leaders for sharing their time, experiences and expertise with our boys, and giving them such a clear insight into so many different career paths.

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