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We hosted a fantastic summer concert yesterday, organised with meticulous care and passion by the ever-dedicated Ms Bee.The event was a resounding success, showcasing the immense talent of students from Years 7-12 and a true celebration of our school's vibrant musical culture.


Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich has scored a major win by clinching the 2024 EY Foundation Impact Award for Southern Education Partner.Announced yesterday, this award highlights the school's positive impact on the community in Southern England.


The 30th anniversary of the opening of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London was the occasion for 30 of our Year 8 students to attend a spectacular performance of Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew' at the theatre recently.


Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich is proud to have been awarded the Quality in Careers Standard, meaning that our careers programme meets all the gold-standard criteria for world-class advice and guidance.


Summer Showcase, 10th July, 6.30pm - Get Your Tickets!


Addressing smartphone addiction - headteachers of 17 Southwark secondary schools call on families to support a new joint approach to tackling the profoundly negative impact of Smartphones and Social Media on young people." Find out more


Our Student Council has been working on a group project with students from James Allen's Girls' School to organise a writing competition focused on . Find our more about our neurodiversity writing competition at


See our latest science experment with our Science Technician, Dr. Rudolf Van Koningsveld. This one is on convection...


Harris Dulwich Boys is pleased to announce a partnership with in support of their State School Sixth Form Cricket Programme. Details


Science experiments with a Science Technician. Experiment 1: metals reacting with oxygen. In this series, our Science Technician, Dr. Rudolf Van Koningsveld, RSciTech, will demonstrate experiments that are part of the Year 7 to Year 11 curriculum.


Delighted to welcome and his team into our academy this week to film for his latest book. Inspiring our students to develop their reading further.


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our Science Technician, Rudolf Van Koningsveld, has been awarded The Registered Science Technician Award (RSciTech), a registered mark recognising excellence for technicians working in science education!


Year 11 students dazzled the examiner with their recent GCSE Component 2 performances, worth 20% of their overall grade.Performing two gripping extracts from 'Starlight Express', the students showcased months of hard work and dedication, leaving the examiner in awe.


Principal's Breakfast on Friday celebrated ten students nominated for 'doing the right thing all the time' this week by their teachers. Each week the winners receive a free breakfast, gift voucher and certificate


🎉Congratulations to both and on maintaining their Outstanding Ofsted judgments following recent inspections!Read more about their success here:


🎉Congratulations to both and on maintaining their Outstanding Ofsted judgments following recent inspections!Read more about their success here:


Very happy to be featured in this week along with following both our Ofsted 'Outstanding' ratings. We're incredibly proud of our staff and students and it's lovely to have our success celebrated!


Year 12 and 13 students were treated to a talk about economics (and careers) by Chief Economist Peter Arnold . "Peter's talk has encouraged me to pursue a career in economics," said Imran. "I look forward to learning more about the macroeconomic policies in my course."


We had fun last week celebrating our recent Ofsted 'Outstanding' Award with students. We were very proud of the way our students conducted themselves during the visit. They were a true credit to themselves, our Academy and their families.


Get your tickets for our latest school production, Bugsy Malone, 13th and 14th March 2024. Tickets available on ParentPay from 19th February. Don't miss!

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Posted on February 7th 2022

Students 'Reeled In' By 'Romeo & Juliet' Set In Brixton

UntitledThirty eight students from Key Stage 3 watched a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Southwark Playhouse recently. 

Set in 80s Brixton, the performance retained Shakespeare’s language and plot, whilst running at an energetic 100 minutes. The diverse cast of actors and musicians provided an exciting, immersive and original approach to the play which inspired students as they study Shakespeare back in the classroom.

The director of this production is Nicky Allpress, whose recent credits include work at the National Theatre.


What our students said...

Thomas, Year 7: “I liked how there were only six actors and they all played several roles. I also liked that the actors interacted with us before it started and during the play, as it helped us feel like we were part of the play.”

Nihar, Year 8: “I enjoyed the show a lot! I loved how the actors reeled me in, even at the very start – they way they interacted with us, even our teachers went on stage to play darts! I loved how they used drama techniques like freeze frames to highlight a significant moment. The lighting also made the crazy fighting scenes even more dramatic!”


Sebastian, Year 8: “My favourite part of the play was their energy and enthusiasm; without every actor giving 100%, this play wouldn’t be as good as it was. I love that just a handful of actors performed the whole play – each of them changing costumes and voices. The music choice was also brilliant for the vibe that the play gave – brilliant performance!  

Momin, Year 8: “I liked the show because it was extremely funny and joyful. The acting skills was amazing and they left us in tears of laughter before and during the show. My favourite characters was Friar Lawrence and Mercutio – overall it was a very good show.” 


George, Year 8: “My favourite character was the Nurse because I liked how she would do anything for money and the fact that even when Tybalt died at the hands of Romeo, she still helped Juliet with her only true love Romeo. I enjoyed the dance scene where everyone was dancing and an actor playing the saxophone. I also liked how the actors interacted with the audience with underwear, a bear and other props.”

Jeremiah, Year 8: "I liked how the actors used the props in the play – including the telephone on the wall and the area where Juliet would often sit. It was creatively used. Also I found it interesting how they performed the play in such a small area. Friar Lawrence was quite a funny character in this adaptation: his mannerisms and use of Jamaican patois was thoroughly engaging."   

Afterwards, a member of the audience emailed the school to say: "I wanted to send an email to commend how well your students behaved on the trip to see Romeo and Juliet at Southwark Playhouse. They were a credit. They sat silently throughout the performance and always were engaged with the show."