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You could not be more welcome!


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WOW. You've really pulled out the stops for us today. We could never say thank you enough.


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Great work boys! 🏆


Over 100 of our boys have been rewarded for their consistently good conduct at special breakfasts with Principal Mr Groves this week. Our boys' conduct has remained excellent this term, with 25,836 points awarded by staff. Well done boys! Find out more


We are proud to be an anti-racist school and stand united: changing minds and changing lives by being


Supporting anti-racist education every day at . Solidarity with and working to make lasting change


Year 11... don't miss this one!


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Dear students, we hope you have a restful half term from Fri. If you have any emotional concerns or worries over the holiday, remember you can get support from . It’s free, safe and easy to use. Watch the video below to find out more


We're continuing our tradition of Principal’s Breakfasts as part of our programme this year, even though this year they must be in year group bubbles and socially distanced, of course. Find out more at


6th Form Virtual Open Evening, Weds 14th Oct, 5.30pm. Find out how our Sixth Form can help you take the next step towards university, apprenticeships or work. Sign up for this LIVE online event at


"I’m happy that our school has taken the time to talk about this week in lessons and that we can wear stickers today too." Daniils


This comment from one of our former Year 11 boys has brought a tear to the eye... "Thank you so much for everything the school did to support me and my classmates. The school was like a family to me and I will really miss it."


"As boys, I feel that it’s important to talk about ," says Che. All this week we've been raising awareness of the struggles and sometimes hidden issues surrounding . Our teachers and boys are proud to support and .


This made us happy🙂 . A comment sent to us by a local resident: "I just wanted to say how nice it is to see the boys back. It is nice to see them around, chatting and laughing to each other and giving off a nice positive energy around them."


Music industry executive gave an inpiring talk to Year 10 today on the importance of and in helping to realise your ambitions. A big to Mr Lyn from all our boys! Find out more


To kick off , 30 of our students interviewed Baroness Wheatcroft of . They asked a range of probing questions around equality & diversity, raising achievement, global warming, the police and gender. Very proud of our boys' professionalism...


Visit our Virtual Open Day to learn more about our academy and meet Principal Peter Groves. We look forward to welcoming you!


Our boys are excited about meeting Baroness Wheatcroft of today for a two-way online conversation about democracy and role of the House. Thank you to “Learn with the Lords Online” programme ( for organising.


Our Poetry Table is proving popular... why not try a verse novel for ? A great story that gets to the point and doesn't waste time...


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On , we're thinking about all of the amazing verse novels that are out at the moment! Here's the brilliant reading from Long Way Down - head this way to find out why he thinks poetry is so powerful:

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Posted on March 13th 2017

Messi and Ronaldo Boost Year 8 Literacy

Football Beyond Borders 3A new project at Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich is using the power of football to support literacy in Year 8.

School finished at 3pm but 12 boys are working hard in the classroom to create a PowerPoint on a topic they care about a lot. Who is the player of the decade? Messi or Ronaldo?

They’re looking for evidence and structuring their arguments carefully using persuasive, emotive language.

It’s part of a new project at Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich that uses the power of football to support literacy, attendance, behaviour and engagement in Year 8. Boys are selected for the programme not on their football ability but on whether they need support in these areas.

Football Beyond Borders

The programme, which is run by the charity Football Beyond Borders, started in September 2016 and will continue throughout the year.

“The power of football is at the core of everything,” says coach Yemi Brown. “We bridge the gap between teachers and youth workers. It’s like a third space for students. There’s still an element of formality and learning but it’s more relaxed and groups are smaller than in a conventional lesson.”

Football Beyond BordersEach session starts with an hour in the classroom working on a football-based literacy project. The boys have been asked to structure their arguments on the vital Messi v Ronaldo question using criteria such as goals scored, appearances, international caps and sportsmanship.

They’ve already written a page outlining their arguments, focusing on tone, structure and persuasive language. Now they’re creating a PowerPoint in time for a presentation to Football Radar, a sports data company, later in the term.

Training session with a difference

After one hour in the classroom it’s off to the sports hall to do something all the boys love – play football. But this is a training session with a difference. It’s not just about technical skills, drills and goals. Students are awarded points for communication and teamwork too.

“It’s about rounding off character,” says Yemi. “So we might switch the scoring system and say you get 50 points for verbal communication and 100 points for non-verbal communication. And getting them to keep track of the points helps with numeracy too.”

Behaviour targets

Football Beyond Borders sets behaviour targets for each boy, working with the school. To keep students focused throughout the term there are rewards such as weekend football trips and tournaments, but only for those that meet their targets.

“There was a game last week but students could only play if they got less than ten negative points during the week,” says Josh Connolly, Director of Sport. “On the day of the game Football Beyond Borders checked the list and they boys that didn’t meet that target weren’t allowed to play. They don’t like it but it means they have to take responsibility for their actions.”

Football Beyond Borders 2A quiet word

If there are incidents in school during the week Football Beyond Borders is sent an email to let them know. “It means they can pull that boy aside and quietly speak to hims about what happened, why, and how he might react differently next time,” says Mr Connolly.

He thinks it’s important for the boys to have that kind of follow-up. “They are often a bit shocked that Football Beyond Borders know what happens in school but the boys appreciate talking to someone outside of the school about it.”

Amon, Year 8, is clear about how the system works. “If you don’t behave then Football Beyond Borders hears about it,” he says. “I know if I misbehave then I can’t take part in certain trips and things. Because you want to go on the trips it makes you want to behave more in class.”

Hidden curriculum

The approach used by Football Beyond Borders is informed by work carried out by the Premier League and Department for Education, who tested how sport could boost literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in over 1,000 schools across England and Wales.

“It’s teaching the hidden curriculum,” says Joye Abiola, of Football Beyond Borders. “They are learning about things like the need for punctuality, resilience, communication and teamwork as well as literacy.”

Football Beyond Borders 6Evidence of impact

So what evidence is there that it works? Each student’s literacy level will be measured at the end of the year and their progress compared with a group of similar students who are not on the programme. Data on attendance, punctuality and reward points is also measured, so the school can see whether these are improving.

“We’re very pleased with progress so far,” says Mr Connolly. “We’re measuring the project’s impact carefully because next year we would need to use some of our own funds to deliver it, so we need to know it works.”

Teachers talk about ‘engagement’ and although that’s not the word used by Nahshun, Year 8, it’s clear that’s what he’s referring to: “If I’m in lessons and think about Football Beyond Borders it helps to keep me more on task.”

So what is the answer to the million dollar question? Messi or Ronaldo? The boys have different and strongly-held opinions. But thanks to Football Beyond Borders they can express themselves persuasively on this vital topic, in both speech and writing.

The Football Beyond Borders project continues at Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich until the end of the summer term.