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In Year 10-13 and want some virtual work experience? Sign up for the Speakers for Schools 'Experience Programme' today at Contact Mr Allison for more details.


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WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY! ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾 Please RT / share with young people. Aged 14+? Please join us Friday 05/06 for - interactive discussion on issues that affect young people - - Please email /DM to book and we will send you details. Thank you ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾


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Need some help getting started with that comic or graphic novel? (=^.^=) Tune in to our Festival of Words channel today at 4pm when Nigel from shares tips on story-boarding Set yourself a reminder here ->


See how our classrooms have changed to support . We're really looking forward to seeing our Year 10 and 12 boys again from June 15th. Find out about more our changes at


School reopens to Year 10 on Mon 15th June, and we've made lots of changes to keep our boys and staff safe through . We can't wait to see our Year 10 boys again! Find our how we've adapted our classrooms, corridors and canteen at


Ali hits Mr Miller for six in the playground today.


Mr May and Mr Miller leading a workout in school today. Keep up!


We've made a short video assembly, including live prize draws, to celebrate the amount of work, effort and support that our school community is giving each other during this difficult time. Hope you enjoy it!


This week's reading competition... design a book cover. Think of one of your favourite books and redesign the cover. How will you tempt other readers to discover the book? Win a FREE book of your choice delivered to your door. Find out more


Ryan, Year 8, has made this Word Search using the titles of the books. Check out Ryan's word search at And congrats to Ryan for winning last week's reading competition!


J K Rowling has surprised everyone by announcing a new book which she is publishing chapter by chapter on a new website. Completely different to Harry Potter.


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***COMPETITION*** Aged 11-17? If you want to be a voice of hope during these challenging times why not get creative and use your imagination to create a short yet powerful piece. Enter our and have the chance to win a prize!


Konnie Huq's writing tips, as part of Festival of Words. Online today from 2pm


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Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin! The Southwark Festival of Words is back, with a host of talented writers, storytellers and artists ready to capture your imagination. It’s all premiering on YouTube from 26 May. Find out more at


Enter our Virtual Performing Arts Showcase. Think you've got a performance worth sharing?! Enter by 7th June.


To our boys who are fans of David Walliams... Chichester Theatre's production of Walliams' 'The Midnight Gang' is available to view for free until 29 May


Daniel in Year 10 has written some reflections on our times, which we wanted to share with you. "The world is in a dire state right now. It may seem like there is no way out, but that is not true." Read Daniel's article in full


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Bitesize has suggested 7 simple ways we can all show for Mental Health Awareness Week.


Get involved with breaking a Guinness World Record! Author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, wants you to take part in the world's biggest online lesson ever. Thursday 21 May 4-4:30pm. Register today!


More pictures from our teachers' this week. We've been making cakes with the theme of lockdown. Some cracking cakes - tasty! See all the entries at

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Latest News

Posted on May 31st 2020

"Make a Word Search" Competition - See Who's Won!

Every week we're running a competition to win a FREE book of your choice delivered to your door. Find out about this week's competition.

All entries to the weekly competition will get 10 Harris Points and be entered into a prize draw for £5 and £10 Amazon Vouchers. See the winners from previous weeks below.

This week's winner...

Last week we asked you to create a puzzle by sharing your favourite author's books in a word search. You could make a list of book titles, characters or place names from an author's work and enter the information in Puzzlemaker.

Congratulations to Ryan in Year 8 who made an excellent Alex Rider word search. Test your skills to see if you can solve it.

Word search 2

Check the Reading at Home page on Thursday this week for some important news about the new Alex Rider TV series!

Previous reading competitions and winners

"Tell us about your pet" competition winner, Alex, Year 8

We invited you to send in pictures and stories about your pets. Here is Alex's heartwarming story of Jase the guinea pig and his great photos

Jase was born in a petting farm and had to be rescued when only a few hours old. He was fed by hand as a baby and it’s a bit of a miracle that he survived! He’s quite noisy and eats a lot of food and hay. His favourite food is cucumber.

This is Jase when he was very young. Use the teaspoon next to him for size comparison.

Jase 1

This is Jase when he was two years old. He’s always been keen to pose for the camera.

Jase 2

This is Jase when he was four (he’s five now). And he’s too big and fat to get on top of his little hut now.

Jase 3

Football competition winner - Thomas, Year 7

FootballWe asked you to tell us what you miss the most about football and how you would finish the league season. Congratulations to Thomas in Year 7 who is the winner. He wrote:

"I think that the Premier League should restart the season by the end of the month but behind closed doors because if you test the players regularly and don't have any fans then it will be hard for the coronavirus to spread. I also think they should stream the games for free on Youtube, ITV, BBC, Sky, BT and Amazon Prime. I think everyone misses sport and football is the one that is missed most and I think if they play the games behind closed doors then everyone has something good to do and the season can finish without any risk."

I really hope that the Premier League can manage to give us back some football this season, but as Thomas says, it must be done safely. I especially like the idea of games being streamed for free for everyone to watch. Ms Mead.

Drawing competition winner - Tesean, Year 10

Congratulations to Tesean in Year 10 who is the winner of our drawing competition to create an illustration for a book, or your own cartoon or comic. Thank you also to everyone else who entered and for sending in your fantastic drawings and cartoon story strips. Most of you will know Tesean, who had an exhibition of his work in the library two years ago, and who is usually to be found in Manga Club and at break and lunch times drawing manga characters and giving tips to students about their artwork.

JPEG 20200420 022908

JPEG 20200420 050545

Diary competition winner - Rayanne, Year 7

Congratulations to Rayane in Year 7 who is the winner of our Week 2 competition to write a diary entry for life under lockdown. Here are some of his thoughts which I'm sure a lot of us can relate to:

"I wake up early morning as usual, have breakfast... ready for a day in school but Monday wasn’t what I thought, no school, not going out, staying home like most people; not in England only but globally, no activity. I feel that the world has stopped, like my home clock stops sometimes when it runs out of batteries. 

Watching news makes me feel sad waiting for life to start again… But I remember my teachers, my school, my friends in school. My feelings are telling me still hope for tomorrow and life will return as it used to be."

'Best books to read at home' competition winner - Jackson, Year 7

Congratulations to Jackson in Year 7 who is the winner of our Week One competition to find the best books to read when you are staying in. Empathising with others and learning about lives very different from your own was a popular theme, as well as action and humour to keep you entertained. Jackson's recommendation is Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh.

Jackson writes: "Nowhere Boy is an excellently written piece of literature. It really gets the reader to feel for Ahmed and Max, who are the two main characters. The author, Katherine Marsh, also makes us realise how unfortunate people are, because of war. It gives us an appreciation for what we have, when we see that these people have so little.