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Everyone looks forward to the summer holidays, but after a couple of weeks most of us start to get bored. So, we’ve set you some challenges to keep your brain ticking over, and win loads of Harris Points! 🏆Have a go at them here➡️


A truly big THANK YOU to all our students, parents and staff for your support over the past few months. Have a great summer and see you all again in Sept!🙂. Signing off with our special showcase video!


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This is a really cool tree👍🙂, it is great to see the students valuing the positives experienced in this tough time and appreciate such things .


Messages from our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. "I am thankful for my friends and family who cheer me up when things go wrong." "I am thankful that everyone has been kind and supported me while learning at home."


Messages from our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. "I can spend more time with my dad. It's very fun. We have intelligent debates." "For having the confidence to talk about my feelings." "For my family since we are spending more time with them."


This is our HBAED Tree of Appreciation. We asked students in Years 7-9 students to say what they were for as part of their lessons. We thought you'd like to see some of their messages. "I am grateful that my family has come closer together during lockdown."


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have kindly supplied Another 2 weeks worth of breakfasts thanks to funding from their charity. 234 Students families are coming in to collect breakfast bags with beans wheatabix bread fruit & milk Big thanks to & our Safer Schools Police Officers for packing


Parents/carers... you can now download "Raising Little Allies-To-Be: An Incomplete Guide" from our resources page. A beautiful resource to explore and with children. Download it at


You can now download a resource pack on from our resources page. Includes a list of books, films, TV shows, articles, videos and podcasts to help get you educated. Download at


Ms George says: "I can read Margaret Atwood’s writing time and time again. One of the reasons I wanted to study Literature at A-Level is so I could explore The Handmaid’s Tale and I’m so glad I did! Her writing is absorbing and still (sadly) politically relevant


Welcome meeting for our new Year 7s. You can now watch a recording of the full session, including Q&A.


Summer's Not Cancelled is an online summer programme to help young people aged 16-25 in develop their and skills. Find out more and sign up at


Can you spare 16 hours over July and August? Will you donate them to a project in this area? Sign up for the "One Million Hours" programme and find out about volunteering opportunities near you this summer.


FREE online mini-modules to help mums develop their tech skills over the summer.


Aged 15-19? You can apply for Words for Work, a virtual internship programme from . Complete a large scale creative project, take part in employability training, receive 1:1 mentoring, and creative masterclasses led by industry experts.


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Looking for summer activities? Find out more about this 'Summer of Food and Fun' programme for children and families in and .


How will your son travel to school in Sept? In light of government advice, we want to encourage all students to make their way to school safely when we reopen. Please help us by completing this one-minute travel survey by Weds 15 July. Thank you.


This week's competition - What have you enjoyed during lockdown? Send us a review of one film or a selection of different ones that have helped you through lockdown - and if they are linked to a book that you have read, even better! Details


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Southwark Libraries have some great events, videos and fun activities for young people as part of their . Big thanks to our for everything they are doing for young people in .


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Massive to & for arranging a today ❤️ These bags were used as a top up for our neighbours in need, already receiving freshly prepared meals. We are so pleased to pass on the parcels from to

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Latest News

Posted on July 6th 2020

"The Books That Made Me" Competition - See Who's Won!

Every week we're running a competition to win a FREE book of your choice delivered to your door. Find out about this week's competition.

All entries to the weekly competition will get 10 Harris Points and be entered into a prize draw for £5 and £10 Amazon Vouchers. See the winners from previous weeks below.

Last week's winners - "Books That Made Me" competition

Congratulations to Guglielmo in Year 9 and to Ryan in Year 8 who are this week's winners. We asked you to tell us about books that will always be special to you - a book that maybe opened your eyes to a new world or a new way of looking at things. 

Can you see me Very like the author Frances Hardinge, featured on Read of the Day on Friday, Guglielmo has been inspired by a whole range of different books and authors throughout his life including Alexandre Dumas, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov and JRR Tolkien

Ryan has recently discovered a new author, Libby Scott, whose book Can You See Me?, has made a big impact on him and was a present - which can make such a huge difference to how you feel about a book. It's a lovely idea to give a book to someone who you think will especially enjoy it, and it's so great when they do!

Previous reading competitions and winners

Lockdown Positives Competition

Last week's competition asked you to reflect on any positives you might also have discovered during lockdown - something that has helped get you through lockdown but also opened your eyes and given you something that will stay with you when this is all over.

Joshua, Year 7, wins our Lockdown Positives competition for send us his journal entry. Here's an extract: 

"Today I have found a new interest, I've realised that I really enjoy volleyball. Lockdown can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it. It can give you time to figure out who you really are and what you want to do in the future.

I've also taken up the time to recycle a lot more and finding ways of saving energy, such as opening the curtains or blinds instead of keeping the light on 24/7.

I just hope that there are other people like me making the most of the situation instead of listing the negatives."                                                                              

Longest Day Competition

SolsticeJoshua, Year 7, wins our Longest Day competition for this lovely poem. 

We asked to you write a story or poem on the theme The Longest Day. Here's Joshua's poem for you to enjoy as you watch the sun set!

I lay looking into the glamorous sunset                                        

Managing the scratching of hay                                                         

It’s relaxing, not thinking about any regret                                       

It is the longest day


Petting the fur of my dog                                                                      

As the wind sways                                                                                  

It’s clear, there's no fog                                                                          

It is the longest day


The sun is going down nicely                                                                

With a short delay                                                                                   

Because finally                                                                                       

It is the longest day              

Black britonsFamous black Britons competition

We asked you to research the life of a famous black Briton using the 100 Great Black Britons website 

Recent events and the Black Lives Matter protests around the world inspired several of you to broaden the scope of your response to racial inequality beyond this research. Our winner this week submitted a reflective poem on the protests as his entry - a poem so powerful that it is our deserved winner this week. Congratulations to our winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, for sharing his thoughts with us.

Dedicated to those that peacefully protest 

Protesters, delinquents are not. They  

disrupt, they scream, they march 

ahead. They are people, they are you,  

they are me with a cause  

too shy to voice, too angry to mute. 


As the thousands parade together,  

together they are beaten, insulted, 

lauded and complimented. 

Laughing friends hold rippling banners, 

balloons float over the witness city. 


Vandalism or justice? The mass’s repentance  

of history is split by those that accept  

the statue’s invite to hell or despoil its  

plinth with its greed unquenched.

Alex Rider Word Search, by Ryan in Year 8

We asked you to create a puzzle by sharing your favourite author's books in a word search. You could make a list of book titles, characters or place names from an author's work and enter the information in Puzzlemaker.

Congratulations to Ryan in Year 8 who made an excellent Alex Rider word search. Test your skills to see if you can solve it.

Word search 2

Check the Reading at Home page on Thursday this week for some important news about the new Alex Rider TV series!

"Tell us about your pet" competition winner, Alex, Year 8

We invited you to send in pictures and stories about your pets. Here is Alex's heartwarming story of Jase the guinea pig and his great photos

Jase was born in a petting farm and had to be rescued when only a few hours old. He was fed by hand as a baby and it’s a bit of a miracle that he survived! He’s quite noisy and eats a lot of food and hay. His favourite food is cucumber.

This is Jase when he was very young. Use the teaspoon next to him for size comparison.

Jase 1

This is Jase when he was two years old. He’s always been keen to pose for the camera.

Jase 2

This is Jase when he was four (he’s five now). And he’s too big and fat to get on top of his little hut now.

Jase 3

Football competition winner - Thomas, Year 7

FootballWe asked you to tell us what you miss the most about football and how you would finish the league season. Congratulations to Thomas in Year 7 who is the winner. He wrote:

"I think that the Premier League should restart the season by the end of the month but behind closed doors because if you test the players regularly and don't have any fans then it will be hard for the coronavirus to spread. I also think they should stream the games for free on Youtube, ITV, BBC, Sky, BT and Amazon Prime. I think everyone misses sport and football is the one that is missed most and I think if they play the games behind closed doors then everyone has something good to do and the season can finish without any risk."

I really hope that the Premier League can manage to give us back some football this season, but as Thomas says, it must be done safely. I especially like the idea of games being streamed for free for everyone to watch. Ms Mead.

Drawing competition winner - Tesean, Year 10

Congratulations to Tesean in Year 10 who is the winner of our drawing competition to create an illustration for a book, or your own cartoon or comic. Thank you also to everyone else who entered and for sending in your fantastic drawings and cartoon story strips. Most of you will know Tesean, who had an exhibition of his work in the library two years ago, and who is usually to be found in Manga Club and at break and lunch times drawing manga characters and giving tips to students about their artwork.

JPEG 20200420 022908

JPEG 20200420 050545

Diary competition winner - Rayanne, Year 7

Congratulations to Rayane in Year 7 who is the winner of our Week 2 competition to write a diary entry for life under lockdown. Here are some of his thoughts which I'm sure a lot of us can relate to:

"I wake up early morning as usual, have breakfast... ready for a day in school but Monday wasn’t what I thought, no school, not going out, staying home like most people; not in England only but globally, no activity. I feel that the world has stopped, like my home clock stops sometimes when it runs out of batteries. 

Watching news makes me feel sad waiting for life to start again… But I remember my teachers, my school, my friends in school. My feelings are telling me still hope for tomorrow and life will return as it used to be."

'Best books to read at home' competition winner - Jackson, Year 7

Congratulations to Jackson in Year 7 who is the winner of our Week One competition to find the best books to read when you are staying in. Empathising with others and learning about lives very different from your own was a popular theme, as well as action and humour to keep you entertained. Jackson's recommendation is Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh.

Jackson writes: "Nowhere Boy is an excellently written piece of literature. It really gets the reader to feel for Ahmed and Max, who are the two main characters. The author, Katherine Marsh, also makes us realise how unfortunate people are, because of war. It gives us an appreciation for what we have, when we see that these people have so little.