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“The women were inspiring and they made me reflect on toxic masculinity, gender equality and inspire me to make the world better,” Micah, Year 8, talking about our powerful gender-based violence session with the fantastic


Max in Year 8 has just won a £10 Amazon voucher for his consistent use of Bedrock to improve his . 50 more £10 vouchers to be won this half term. To stand a chance of winning you just need 120 Bedrock points this half term. Find out more


Every boy at HBAED stands a chance of winning a £10 voucher this half term in a new Bedrock Learning competition. All boys need to do is earn 120 Bedrock points between 19th April and 28th May. Parents can help too! Find out more at


Gangs and youth crime webinar for parents/guardians, Weds 28 April, 4.30pm, with . A chance to anonymously ask any questions or raise any concerns about how to protect children from criminal exploitation. Find out more


Retweetd From Steve Daniels

Delivered a session earlier this week to the brilliant year 9 boys We looked at the importance of and how exercise can help boost feelings of self-esteem and happiness. Always important to practice what we preach. Ready to take on the day 😀


Vocabulary matters at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich.


Student home testing kits have been issued today for twice-weekly testing. It's vital that tests continue over the holiday and results are logged. Thank you. Details at


21 boys from Year 10 voluntarily came in early for extra this morning. They’re not letting a lockdown slow their learning! Great effort from Mr Gayle and our boys.


Comments like this really make our day🙂 "Your parent communication is outstanding. You take time out of your busy days even if it’s just to say he’s doing well. This is of huge benefit. Thnk you all for your hard work and the support you’ve given my son."


Thank you to everyone who attended our online event on Tues. And for the feedback! "As parents, your enthusiasm and the school's approach this week is really appreciated and it is encouraging that both the Yr 7 Head and Principal found time to participate." :-)


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Brilliant feedback from today’s session with the boys as part of our Positive Communication programme. Today we explored the meaning of success and the characteristics of successful people. Excellent behaviour, great conversation and fantastic learning. 💪


Boys in Yrs 7-10 have sessions in class today, to tie in with World Awareness Week. We've put up posters around the school, to highlight and celebrate both the challenges and strengths that autism can bring. Find out more at


We're holding awareness events this week, to tie in with World Autism Awareness Week, and highlight and celebrate both the challenges and strengths that autism can bring. Find out what's happening


No better way of being global citizens than by having from all over the world to learn with. This week we received responses from Longman Memorial Prep School in The Gambia and our students couldn't believe they wrote back!


We're holding autism awareness events at our school in March to mark . Find out more about what's happening.


Vocabulary matters at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich –


Students have been exploring how the world of work is evolving. In a survey they voted for the following as the top three skills they will need: creativity and problem solving; teamwork; and the ability to adapt and learn new skills.


No problem, there's lot of detail about our careers programme on this page of our website


Hi there, during PHSE lessons we collated ideas on the key skills etc and then followed up with a Microsoft Forms questionnaire which students completed afterwards


For , our boys explored different options that they can pursue after finishing school. We did a quick survey and most students expect to go on to university (76%) and a growing proportion are considering an apprenticeship (24%).

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Posted on April 27th 2021

Win £10 Vouchers with Bedrock Learning

Every boy at HBAED stands a chance of winning a £10 voucher this half term in a new Bedrock Learning competition.

All boys need to do is successfully complete two Bedrock lessons per week between now and the end of term. There will be 50 vouchers awarded at each Harris Federation school so there's a good chance boys can win one – but only if they earn 120 Bedrock points this half term.

Harris Stars Prize Draw

Parents  - you can help too

Reading and vocabulary are the bedrock of learning, so please do make sure your son knows about the prizes and is logging on to Bedrock regularly.

Bedrock is a student-friendly online literacy platform that helps students learn new vocabulary while reading interesting content about everything from the Vikings to space travel. It’s very student friendly, with each boy being introduced to new words that are at exactly the right level for them.

Parents can log on to Bedrock too, to check on their son’s progress. If you need help logging in to the parent area of Bedrock simply email Ms George on

MaxMax wins £10 Bedrock prize

Max in 8O1 has already won a £10 Amazon voucher for his consistent use of Bedrock. “I do some before bed and before school too, and while I’m doing it I listen to music,” he says.

“I read over the extract a few times before answering the questions and I’m definitely using new words in my work at school. For example, I came across the word ‘devious’ on Bedrock,  which I didn’t know before. This morning I was explaining it to one of my friends in class.”

Boosting vocabulary

“We have some incredible results for March and it is clear that as a school we are all striving to achieve the very best of our students when it comes to improving their reading and expanding their vocabulary,” said Ms George. “This month, HBAED gained some of the best overall results we have had as a Federation!”

Students can access Bedrock from home but are also using it in lessons at school too. “It’s a great platform to boost the boys’ vocabulary, writing skills and imagination too, as they read lots of different extracts. They’re learning new words and trying to incorporate them.”

Promoting and boosting literacy is at the heart of all learning, so Bedrock is really important. “You can see the progress students are making,” says Ms George “When we’re studying a new text one of the boys might say ‘we learned that word in Bedrock’. And the student with the highest score in Bedrock went on to write the best descriptive piece in class, so students can see it makes a difference.”

To stand a chance of winning a £10 voucher simply log in to Bedrock Learning and gain 120 points before the end of the half term.